Latest Launches: Swathe Yourself in Comfort

Enrobe yourself with an invisible cloak of comfort with this week’s latest launches. Vines House Voyage transports you to distant lands, in your dreams at least, whilst Carolina Herrera Good Girl Suprême adds a sparkle of winter magic with its elegant flacon. Give yourself “a scented hug of self care,” to coin a phrase from Marc Jacobs himself. Perfect!
A new venture by Simon Constantine (formerly of Lush), he’s created fragrances with sustainability and ethical sourcing to the fore. Sånd celebrates sandalwood, working with the producer Dutjahn (winner of the UN Equator prize), using distilled ‘deadwood’ so no living trees are depleted. Creamy cardamom-flecked banana, rich labdanum and benzoin feel like a warm hug that suffuses you with smokiness and a touch of black pepper. Memorable, long-lasting and supremely comforting.
£35 for 10ml eau de parfum
If you’re anything like us you’ll have been living in slippers of late, so how glamorous to reach for a spangled stiletto – even if only in perfume flaçon form! Tonka bean really is having a moment (no wonder, being sweetly addictive and creamily comforting) and the self-confidence abounds from the first spritz when it’s generously swagged by delicate posies of jasmine and tuberose. We know many collectors of these bottles who’ll be stepping up.
£55 for 100ml eau de parfum

Marc Jacobs’ mantra: ‘I am perfect as I am’ is expressed in one word tattooed on his wrist: ‘Perfect’. Now here’s a way to wear it on yours via an unexpected clash of rhubarb and daffodil smoothed by almond milk in the heart. A snuggle-soft base of Cashmeran and cedar swathe you in comfort, and during the online launch party, Marc told us he adores all genders wearing this ‘as a scented hug of self-care.’
£69 for 50ml eau de parfum
Instilling a spirit of adventure wherever you may travel (even if it’s only in your imagination right now), this is will give the courage to face anything with aplomb. Pineapple and Earl Grey tea hint at exotic destinations, while apple and jasmine hum harmoniously in the heart. A dusting of luxurious orris with the comfort blanket softness of oakmoss, oudh and ambergris to sigh in to, make this indispensable right now, we reckon.
£75 for 50ml eau de parfum
Asked to ‘imagine yourself in a palace,’ perfumer Mathilde Bijaoui melded the burnished warmth of Ambramone to the smooth leather of Lorenox, choosing ‘a palette of golden notes, from sunny citrus fruit to creamy vanilla, along with a blend of potent amber woods that smell as radiant as sunlight.’ Touched with tonka bean and swirled with vanilla, the world itself seems gilded as Woody Gold warms and you radiate its liquid lustre.
£190 for 100ml eau de parfum

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