Latest Launches: Sunset Scents

As the summer sun leaves us with only memories, we’ll be catching our rays through fragrance as winter takes hold. Amouroud Sunset Oud gives us a new gauzy take on oud as Gallivant Bukhara helps us travel vicariously along the Silk Road. With sumptuous scents from Noème Paris and Atelier Materi,  you’ll be rounding off your day with Jusbox Night Flow and dreaming of golden sunsets.

A shimmering succulence of yuzu infused with camphoraceous rosemary feels like a welcome mist of droplets spritzed on tobacco flower’s petals. Forget all notions of oudh being a heavy cloak: this is a gauzy veil of white vetiver that swirls intriguingly to lavender layered with gently smoked amber, a nuzzle of that oudh and a white leather that begs to be stroked. Cleverly captivating and beautifully nuanced, it’s yet another reason to explore this house.
£166 for 100ml eau de parfum

Named after the African desert, the opulence of this creation from an exciting new Parisian fragrance house more precisely evokes the opulence of a bustling spice market, to us, hazy with saffron, cardamom, incense. Labdanum delivers aromatic, resinous warmth, while cedar and musk tether the fragrance. If you imagine yourself staring out over the sand dunes as bright stars fade into dawn, this will still be making its presence deliciously known, on skin.
£180 for 100ml eau de parfum
After 12 years working in fragrance for other brands, Véronique Le Bihan has poured her passion for sustainability into Atelier Materi, which is ‘committed to empowering women’, with an emphasis on fair trade and environmental wellbeing. What this means for us is a quintet of scents, each showcasing a specific star ingredient – in this case, a smooth, caressing, smoky play on sandalwood, cardamom, jasmine and tonka, tapping into the wood’s famously spiritual powers.
£195 for 100ml eau de parfum

Founder Nick Steward was inspired by the historic Silk Road and his travels around Uzbekistan, in particular. Perfumer Ralf Schwieger translates the vision in a swaggeringly elegant, charming manner, caraway and coriander spiced pear evaporating into an orris-filled heart to evoke the chalk pale, sun-bleached colours of its houses. Jasmine and clove nestle into salty apricot and saffron-speckled wood as cotton-soft musk fluffs the base; there’s an irresistible stillness amidst these shimmering layers.
£65 for 30ml eau de parfum
Continuing their clever series of musically-inspired fragrances, with perfumer Julien Rasquinet as their ‘master of ceremonies’, JUSBOX plays a vibrant cocktail of saffron, raspberry and pink pepper that seamlessly segues into the darker floral heart of fruity osmanthus, smouldering davana and hypnotic jasmine sambac. When the base kicks in with a salty lick of ambergris atop patchouli, leather and tolu balm, you’ll be lost in the rhythm of this fragrantly alluring flow.
£160 for 78ml eau de parfum

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