Latest Launches: Summer’s Last Bouquets

This week’s latest launches will leave you smelling of roses (and jasmine, magnolia, tuberose…) Scent your days with summer flowers before the nights draw in. Enjoy the fragrant melody of L’Orchestre Parfum Bouquet Encore,  delve into Diptyque Othoniel Rosa or marvel at Memoize London Isla Rose. You’ll find us among the flowers, as always.
So here’s the story behind Othoniel Rosa’s unusual name: Jean-Michel Othoniel is a French artist, author of The Secret Language of Flowers about the hidden meanings of the Louvre museum’s flowers. In tribute, a rose breeder named a new introduction ‘the Othoniel rose’, a spicy bloom now incarnated in scent form by Diptyque in this limited edition, its petals shot through with pink peppercorn, ambrette, vetiver and Akigalawood (an airier patchouli note). Très belle.
£120 for 100ml eau de toilette
Continuing their series of ‘fragrances to smell and listen to’, the inspirational music this time is techno-inspired, interpreted by POPOF with Animal & Me. Perfumer Pierre-Constantin Guéros weaves an ultraviolet bouquet of glowing white flowers that throb with a mellow undertone of Madagascan vanilla, airy Ambroxan, spicy pepper and euphoric musk. The effortless harmony floats around you – the kind of fragrance to reach for when you want to feel fragrantly supported, held aloft.
£129 for 100ml eau de parfum LONDON
From the all-natural house that celebrates deeply-held scent memories, a moment to reflect on the purity of ‘unconditional love’ and the uncomplicated, passionate feelings we experience. Kick off your shoes and wander a garden path strewn with bushes of ripe, red berries into the welcoming warmth of the floral heart – exuberant jasmine entwined with creamy magnolia for a perfect harmony. Wrapped in the amber-rich trail, supple leather and silky vanilla swathe oudh’s throbbing base.
£197 for 100ml eau de parfum
Taking inspiration from the notorious courtesan, spy and exotic dancer, Mata Hari, you might have just walked into her dressing room – thick velvet curtains obscuring the daylight, a huge vase of voluptuous tuberose on the table, exuding its carnal delights. The narcotic allure is ramped up even further with heady lily and heavenly ylang ylang on a smouldering, incense-laden base. Whatever your precious secrets, you’d spill them for a bottle of this perfume…
£115 for 75ml eau de parfum
Adding weight to the sustainable scent movement is AdP’s newest: the first of their Colonia line to be created with 99% natural ingredients, with every aspect of the packaging reassessed and rethought. But what clinches a conversion to ‘eco’ products is that they rival what customers bought before – in this case, a herbaceous fusion of lavender, clary sage and vetiver, with sunlit shafts of grapefruit, bergamot, pink pepper and lemon. Bravo!
From £80 for 50ml eau de Cologne

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