Latest Launches: Sinfully Sublime

Surrender to temptation with this weeks latest launches. Embark on an exotic journey from Tauer L’Air Des Alpes Suisses to Beaufort Terror and Magnificence, via the beauty of Perfumer H Rose Oil and the intrigue of Linari Drago Nero. Round off your olfactory travels with HOC 5 p.m in time for tea in London.

HOC 5 pm
HOC stands for Histoire Olfactive Collective, a new niche brand founded by Masha Zanier, a Parisian fashionista with Russian/Georgian heritage. Harnessing the talents of perfumer Vincent Schaller, London’s landscape is captured at three distinct times of day, with 5pm inviting you to tea. Green notes are swathed in a steam cloud of smoky tea, buttery shortbread biscuits and an elegantly enveloping musk. Super-stylish bottles, too, with artful, weighty caps depicting inspirational words.
£325 for 100ml eau de parfum
At Fortnum & Mason

Dragons symbolise wisdom and luck in Asian mythology, offering the inspiration for rule-breaking perfumer Mark Buxton’s intoxicating fusion for the Italian perfume house. It starts lively and almost juicy, via mandarin, bergamot, magnolia, apple and pineapple, before presenting the wearer with a bouquet of Turkish rose, carnation, orange blossom, violet and iris. Calming vetiver ultimately tethers the whole creation, amidst the complexity of musk, amber, oakwood, guiaiac and tonka in the scent’s final tail-swish.
£140.00 for 100ml
Rouiller White
Its name is deceptive – because of course, Lyn Harris’s Rose Oil is more complex than simply decanting that into a bottle. In this study of an ingredient perpetually at the heart of Lyn’s perfumery, she enhances a 3% concentration with 2% of rose absolute, and deft touches of raspberry, geranium, chamomile, iris and vanilla, ‘with a dousing of sweet musk to paint a pure and simple picture of the rose oil.’
From £170-450 for 50ml eau de parfum
At Perfumer H
Ever following his own path, this time we find so-talented, self-taught perfumer Andy Tauer scaling a mountain summit in his beloved homeland of Switzerland. And you can really feel the chill – an icy gust of bitter herbs and mineralic granite followed by intriguing snippets of spices carried on a breeze, red Alpine lilies, and more than a hint of assured grandeur. Grab on to your grappling hooks: you’ll want to follow him to the top.
£105 for ml eau de parfum

Inspired by the architect Nicholas Hawksmoor, perfumer Pia Long has perfectly captured the brooding Gothic style of his awe-inspiring work. There’s an echoing spaciousness to the cold flagstones and incense-infused wooden church pews; a hint of polished sharp knives wiped on supple leather, and dark cellars, of mystic practices and mist-shrouded vistas. Unsettling rather than terrifying, perhaps, but most certainly magnificent – you could quite easily seduce crowds to join your cult, wearing this.
£115 for 50ml eau de parfum

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