Latest Launches: Scents to tempt

With flacons as beautiful as these, you’ll want all five of these breathtaking new fragrances, and they smell as good as they look. From Lalique to Elie Saab, we’re saying “oh la la” to them all!

A scent you might find lingering in on plush velvet seating in the back of a nightclub, to the background hum of an elegant jazz saxophone: Rose Smoke is dark and intimate. With just three central notes, it may seem simple, but the harmonious dance they perform on the skin is anything but. Rose, papyrus and guaiac wood blend together to give a lasting imprint of something smoky, sexy, dark and deeply sophisticated.
£325 for 200ml Cologne absolue
Orange blossom and patchouli have become an iconic accord for the house, here rendered even more regal by perfumer Maïa Lernout crowning the composition with the addition of radiant mandarin, bejewelled with rose and neroli, and a rich sandalwood, amber and vanilla dry-down that slinks along behind you like an ermine train. We recommend grabbing all the fragrances in the line; each one a triumph, representing a noble lineage in modern fragrant history.
£65 for 50ml eau de parfum
Is there anyone alive who doesn’t love the citrusy airiness of L’Eau d’Hadrien? If so, we’ve yet to meet them. Summer-perfect, inspired by the burning sun and blinding light of Tuscany, with its cypress-lined terraces, it beckons us to the shade of lemon trees ‘to re-read a few passages from the Memoirs of Hadrian,’ we’re advised. Equally wearable – in this eau de toilette form – for a day at work, we’d suggest: a crisp white shirt, in scent format.
£76 for 50ml eau de toilette
At Harrods
Like the sunshine streaming through your window, Soleil puts a smile on your face. Cardamom is softened by mandarin and mouthwatering pear granita. The heart is a swirl of deliciously gourmand notes, almonds, pink praline and an addictive caffé latte accord, with jasmine skilfully woven through the whole scent. A scent that smells like summertime, in a bottle shaped like the rays of the sun. (We guarantee you’ll be staring at it.)
£48 for 30ml eau de parfum
Definitive proof that a fragrance really can be a holiday in a bottle, Jean-Christophe Hérault’s Mediterranean-fresh spin on Chrome invites us to dive into its cool turquoise depths. Surging on a tide of ultra-fresh and aromatic green notes, ‘like a clean breeze that intermingles with sea foam’, so we’re told, its aquatic freshness is delivered via zingy grapefruit, aromatic basil, spearmint and Haitian vetiver. A limited edition – thus as fleeting as summer itself.
From £33 for 50ml eau de toilette

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