Latest Launches: scented memories, favourite places

This week’s latest launches are a celebration of time and place. 4160 Tuesdays brings us seaside memories with Kiss me Quickly whilst Memo Paris adds wings to your imagination, and to the beautiful bottle that holds Siberian Golden Wood. Let your mind, and your nose, wander!4160_TUESDAYS_KISS_ME_QUICKLY4160 TUESDAYS
All the fun of the fair, bottled. Think: after dark, the smell of hot metal and toffee apples, a stolen candyfloss-tasting kiss ‘round the back of the dodgems, a blur of pastel colours on the carousel.’ Wafts of laughter are carried aloft on a brisk, salty sea breeze, the air filled with excitement and a drift of tobacco from hastily hand-rolled cigarettes. Happy memories captured forever – but it’s a limited edition, so move fast!
£55 for 50ml eau de parfum
A gauzy tapestry of petals that feels like wearing a tulle gown sprinkled with sequins. The jasmine and rose are laced through with bright violet leaf and a shivering flurry of lily of the valley; ribbons of white musk and ambergris weave through the succulent fruitiness of papaya, and the whole ensemble is a living jewel of twinkles, a rainbow of scent, all captured in the prettiest rose gold and turquoise-encircled bottle.
£72 for 100ml eau de parfum

Tapping into the hot (almost literally) trend for solar fragrances is this sunshine-in-a-bottle spin on Wonderlust, radiating solar warmth via balmy notes of orange flower, amber and tiaré. The leitmotif of the Wonderlust fragrance is a dianthus note – better known to British gardeners as ‘pinks’, with their carnation-like floralcy. Designed ‘to evoke that feeling at the end of a tropical day when sand, sea and sun lotion have melded into your body.’ We’re there.
From £49 for 30ml eau de parfum

YSL offer an entire wardrobe of exclusive fragrances within Le Vestiaire de Parfums collection, each interpreting an iconic element of couturier Yves Saint Laurent’s design portfolio. Inspired by his use of finely-grained suiting fabric in women’s clothing, this latest is as powdery as the name implies: a nimbus of black peppercorn, coriander, bergamot, musk, suede and benzoin around a core of violet leaves, osmanthus and clary sage. Our kind of investment dressing.
From £145 for 75ml eau de parfum
From MEMO Paris’s latest Flying Collection, Siberian Golden Wood is a rhythmic ode to the Trans-Siberian railway. Its addictive woodiness derives from the combination of a spiky vetiver oil soothed by a silken sandalwood. Sesame oil lends its dry earthiness to the scent, maintaining its smooth sophistication and rugged appeal. A woodsy dream of a scent, housed in a cherubic winged bottle that should become the centrepiece on any bathroom shelf.
£295 for 75ml eau de parfum

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