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Latest Launches: Scent memories revived!

This week’s Latest Launches beckon you outside to revisit happy memories past and present. Bath House Climbing Trees sets the tone alongside Malin + Goetz Strawberry and Bel Rebel Bubble Gum. Who can resist the tall flowers of Kenzo FlowerbyKenzo EDT, looking as if it’s already in a vase for you? Round off a day of blue skies with Marc Jacobs Daisy Spring Limited Edition and its irresistible bottle.BATH_HOUSE_CLIMBING_TREES
A collaboration with British perfumer Ruth Mastenbroek, the name alone conjures wonderful images, while the scent doesn’t disappoint. Memories of carefree childhood summers and fields of sun-scorched grass are evoked through vetiver, cedar and amber representing the woodland floor. Clambering effortlessly through canopies of aromatic green leaves, sweet bergamot and radiant jasmine sparkle like dappled sunshine, while lemon and rosemary feel like crisp countryside air. Basically, the scent of freedom, bottled!
£72 for 60ml eau de parfum
One sniff and you’re immediately propelled back to the days of flipping through teenage magazines, dancing madly at the disco and illicit snogs around the back of the bike sheds, while covering your beau in fruit flavoured lip gloss. The photo-realistic bubble gum scent bubble pops to reveal a cool, chic wave of Cashmeran on a base of sheer patchouli and vanilla, the sudden sophistication juxtaposed with the giggle-inducing joyousness of the opening.
£139 for 69ml perfume
The archetypal fantasy floral feels shot through with sunshine – each spritz feels as though we’re not so much walking through the poppy fields but flying above them. The wind gleefully ripples our hair as scarlet petals scatter beneath us, a whisper of white musk dotted with sparkles of lemon, fluffy clouds of organic vanilla sprinkled with Bulgarian rose water. If the original’s too powdery for you now, try this flight of fancy.
£41 for 30ml eau de toilette

Forget strawberry jam and berry shortcake: this is strawberry ‘reimagined’ by the artistic team at Malin + Goetz. They ‘deconstructed’ and reinterpret the garden strawberry, invoking its luscious freshness via bright shafts of pink pepper and bergamot, given a floral flourish by orris root, jasmine petals and warm musks. ‘A dynamic scent that challenges the conceptions around the strawberry,’ they promise. What the fruit has in common with this, however, is a decided moreishness.
£75 for 50ml eau de parfum
The boundless airy optimism of Daisy gets three limited edition seasonal twists, our favourite being the barely yet unfurled new-shoots green of Daisy Love. Perfumer Alberto Morillas drizzles freshly picked, still sun-warmed figs with the powdery blossoms of blowsy pink peonies, lapped by cool fig milk in the base. It’s a gourmand-esque comfort to those of us not nearly ready to ditch the tights but welcoming every lighter day with a whoop.
£60 for 50ml eau de toilette

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