Latest Launches: Posies of Roses

The perfume industry has always embraced roses, and oh! So do we. This week’s latest launches will have you blooming and blushing as Kilian Roses on Ice tempts with its divine flacon. 4711 puts a rosy spin on its cologne with Floral Collection Rose as Versace, Ojar and Maison Sybarite offer armfuls of luxurious blooms. We’re so ready for la vie en rose!

Perhaps our favourite of the new trio – because who doesn’t love the rose? – this offers the most sparkling opening, with cool notes of mandarin, bergamot and green tea. Dewy, romantic rosiness is certainly apparent, here, but expect touches of cyclamen and freesia, with musk and sandalwood again featuring in the dry-down. We’re thrilled that the folks at 4711 haven’t messed with the iconic flacon, for this line-up – though they’ve added a spray for easy misting.
£18 for 100ml eau de Cologne
It’s all about the decadent, decanter-esque glass flacon, for Christmas 2020 – bottle trend we’re happy to raise a glass to, especially when it showcases a stunner like this first-time collaboration with perfumer Franck Voelkl. Kilian ask: ‘Anyone for notes of gin, distilled with rose and cucumber?’ A rhetorical question, as we enjoy the icy freshness of juniper berries, contrasting with the velvety warmth of rosa Centifolia, sandalwood and musk. Chin, chin!
From £165 for 50ml parfum
Sybaris was an ancient city founded in 720BC, famed for its hedonistic inhabitants, who slept (among other activities) on beds of rose petals, apparently insisting on fresh roses every night. (Quite right, too). Today, ‘Sybarite’ refers to persons given to self-indulgence and luxury – something else we can get behind, along with anointing ourselves in this sumptuous scent. Roses rest on powdery orris, electrified with spicy sparks and tolu balm, hints of lasciviousness belying the freshness.
£160 for 75ml eau de parfum
A tingle of pink pepper infuses blood orange before a mellow haze of oakmoss rises to greet the softness of rose, encircled by white amber and swathed in patchouli. As shady vetiver kisses the base of white musk and vanilla, you’ll be entranced. Calling on the brand’s Middle Eastern heritage, 18 glorious perfume oils, in all, are long-lasting yet close to the skin, cloaking the wearer in a scented veil rather than filling a room.
£130 for 30ml absolute

Here, we encounter the Moroccan Centifolia rose at dawn, delicately hand-picked before the sun spoils the petals. Feeling tenderly draped in a dewy mist, it slowly unfurls to the warmth of Ambrox – a shimmering sunrise comprising amber, hazy incense, smooth wood, a nuzzle of tobacco and billowy musk. Embodying the Atelier Versace ethos of exquisite workmanship and attention to detail, the stunning range deserves to be fully explored – but this is a great place to start.
£320 for 100ml eau de parfum

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