Latest Launches: Last of the Summer Vibe

It may be September but we’re sticking to our summer scents and spraying away the autumn chill. We love the sunshine colours of Calvin Klein CK One Summer and the delicious cocktail scent of Jo Loves Mango Thai Lime. Meanwhile the blue juice of Dunhill Valensole Lavender has us dreaming of the Riviera. Where will these latest launches take you?CALVIN_KLEIN_CKONE_SUMMER_2020CALVIN KLEIN
A more perfect summer perfume to share (or not, as the case may be) you’d be hard pushed to find. Think racing in dune buggies across amber sands, with salty, wind-whipped hair and sun-warmed, perfectly tanned skin. The sheer sense of fun bursts from the bottle with an uproarious giggle of ginger root, mandarin and sea salt accord, an herbaceous breeze softly stroking waves of creamy sandalwood and sweetly warm benzoin rich base.
£42 for 100ml eau de toilette

Offering you the invitation ‘to live life to its fullest’ (no matter if you’re still mainly at home), the vibrancy of ripe plum, vanilla, jasmine and apple practically bursts from the bottle at first spritz. Hugo Boss recommend that you ‘include this fragrance in any morning ritual for a scent bursting with positive energy.’ Four woods round the base of this olfactory treat that’s an easy-breezy, joy-filled instant hit of happiness!
£72 for 50ml eau de parfum
The Jo Loves founder revisits memories of a trip to a Thai wedding at the ultra-luxe Amanpuri hotel in Phuket with a mouthwatering, zesty contrast of sweet and sharp notes, evoking the way fresh mango is enjoyed there, cut by a squeeze of tart kaffir lime. This citrus-aromatic also offers a breezy twist of mint alongside twist of black pepper; try that on your mango next time and prepare for a taste sensation.
£70 for 50ml eau de parfum

Zing! As if L’Occitane’s Verbena Classic Cologne wasn’t zesty enough, it’s been given a further jolt of freshness in this limited edition. The energising cocktail of breezy notes sparkles in a lemony, grapefruit-y shaft of sunlight that has us imagining an azure coastline, where we’re sheltering under a big sunhat, headed beach-wards. How grateful we are that fragrance can do that for us, even if we’re actually venturing no further than the balcony.
£48 for 100ml eau de toilette
Jerome Di Marino infuses a distinctly modern spirit into the classical fougère structure with this second new treat from Dunhill. At first sniff, you may imagine yourself whisked to Provence’s lavender fields – but there’s much more going on here, spiced up by cardamom, sage, nutmeg and warming saffron. Vetiver, amberwood and guaiac make for a strong masculine statement, in the dry-down – and we’re loving the blue juice, clear as a Provençale sky.
£120 for 100ml eau de parfum

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