Latest Launches: Gilded and Gleaming

As sunset falls over another summer, indulge in these golden treasures that hopefully by now, match your tan. Sicilan mandarin sparkles in Bvlgari Omnia Gold Citrine whilst a breeze of balmy coconut edges its way into Floral Street Arizona Bloom. With flacons to swoon for, these latest launches will bring sunshine to your dressing table long after summer has gone.

The ever-brilliant nose of Alberto Morillas gilds Sicilian mandarin and succulent white peach with garlands of ylang ylang and jasmine – their heady white floral scent shot through with the sunshine sparkle of citrus and further tamed by the so-smooth dry down of deliciously dry cedar and sweetly glowering benzoin. We’re imagining glamorous cocktails on the beach while wearing this, digging our bare toes into pure white sands and sighing blissfully.
£69 for 65ml eau de toilette DOLCE_GABBANA_SHINEDOLCE & GABBANA
Effervescent grapefruit gets you up and ready to face the day, with honeyed quince sweetening the gust of freshness from the first spritz. Allow yourself to be taken on a magical journey to a field of orange blossom, basking in sunshine while feasting on ripe mangoes. Twirling in a gauzy gown with a circlet of jasmine in our hair, we’re carried away with memories of parties, laughter, dancing ’til dawn. We can dream, while wearing this.
£88 for 75ml eau de parfum

From first glimpse of sunshine yellow flowers against a cloudless sky, you know this is a scent to make the heart soar. In a tech-heavy world, Floral Street set out to capture a feeling of total freedom – something we’ve sorely missed lately. Queen of the Night flower opens at the heart of Jérôme Épinette’s latest, spiced by black pepper, lush with Balinese coconut and tethered by woody oakmoss, its desert-like dryness conveyed by salted musks.
From £24 for 10ml eau de parfum
Sri Lankan cinnamon and a generous heart of spicy rum essence get the party going, with the sleek almond-y deliciousness of an animalic tonka bean rippling right through the composition. As the base of Indonesian patchouli, labdanum and cocoa absolute reaches out to stroke you, you’ll have long succumbed to this opulent banquet. We’re sprawled naked on a fur rug watching a sunset while smiling lasciviously – and we don’t want it to end.
£215 for 100ml eau de parfum
Taking inspiration from the four elements – earth, fire, air and water – Fusion juxtaposes hot and cold, a fascinating exploration of the perfumer’s alchemy in conjuring coolness from citrus and coconut milk, the breeze of a solar-filled mineral accord (think sunlight sparkling on water). Earthiness exudes from the smooth sandalwood, while resinous patchouli provides the heat of the base. And you’re invited to create and share your own ‘elemental’ musical composition via
£49 for 50ml eau de toilette

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