Latest Launches: Flowerful and Fabulous

Holy Peony, this week’s latest launches are truly exquisite! With bouquets of Flowerful Elegant Iris from Yardley and Geranium Nafertum from Molton Brown, there’s blooming bouquets galore, but if you’re a Sloane Raver, please remember to Whisper In The Library. SL36_LL_DIOR_HOLY_PEONYDIOR
At the most florabundant fragrance launch we’ve ever attended, we spent time chatting to François Demachy about this latest creation. He always puts it so well: ‘This peony was created in a floral and fruity trompe l’oeil style, with the inviting sparkle of red fruit… Its apricot rose conveys its round feminine curves and it is a fragrance draped in the lightest woods and musks.’ We love his upsum, too: ‘A rose without thorns.’
£200 for 125ml eau de parfum


Ex Nihilo’s exclusive for Harvey Nichols is inspired by ‘the new tribes of Sloane Street’. An Ambrée-woody, it’s a shareable fusion of contemporary, avant garde boldness and timeless chic, via plenty of patchouli and cedarwood, plum cream, sweet tonka bean spiced by saffron, clove and nutmeg, and a drift of incense throughout. Look closely as the label and you’ll see it’s a reworking of the map location for the Knightsbridge department store, in gold.
£325 for 100ml eau de parfum

Inspired by waxed wood, paper and the majestic nature of old libraries, perfumer Marie Salamagne recreates the cosy warmth of a large old library, piled high with faded novels. Cypriol and patchouli evoke pages from books, cedar and vetiver build the bookcases that encase them, and on the final page, vanilla absolute and tonka bean imitate the soft light that shines through tall windows, casting a warm haze over everything it touches.
£96 for 100ml eau de parfum

Tasked with creating a scent inspired by ‘bountiful, beautiful and blossoming floral bouquets’, Emelie Copperman picked iris, for a spring-like scent that sets out to capture those first shoots that emerge from the earth to lift our spirits. Crisp green leaves and the innocence of daisies and a splash of red fruits soften to wild rose, freesia, jasmine and iris, with an amber-woody warmth that wraps you like the pashmina you’ll need when the sun sets.
£20 for 50ml eau de toilette BROWN
Composed by Carla Chabert, Geranium Nafertum is a scent that plays with its androgyny: a cool opening balances a subtle creaminess bolstered by milky sandalwood and the harsh green bitterness of fig leaf. The verdant effervescence of a minty geranium is later juxtaposed with a rich and warming resinous labdanum to deliver a divinely green Chypre – to us, a hidden garden lush with viridian leaves and chartreuse grasses, on the brink of twilight.
£45 for 50ml eau de toilette

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