Latest Launches: Feeling Brighter

The dazzling rainbow flacons of this week’s latest launches are lighting our way to spring. Who could resist the sunshine yellow of Carolina Herrera CH Beauties Limited Edition? Or the temptation of Tom Ford Bitter Peach? Jeroboam Gozo shakes off its usual black to  bring us a new look orange flacon, while Perfumer H Salt makes us yearn for the sea.  Ånd Frank-ly, we can’t stop at one!

Dressed in sunshine yellow, emblazoned with butterflies, this bottle could hardly be jollier (or more collectable), perfectly expressing the characteristics of the fragrance inside. A whoosh of crisp pear and mandarin – the fruit of the moment in the scent world – gives way to a joyous entanglement of neroli, jasmine and peony in the heart notes. As it warms on the skin, amber, sandalwood and vanilla plump the base – a pillowy landing, having fluttered so prettily.
£92 for 100ml eau de parfum
A break with tradition: the first time Jeroboam have strayed from black bottles, with this ker-pow orange. It was born of a meeting between Jovoy’s globetrotting founder François Hénin and Qatari social media megastar and A-list perfumista, Abdulaziz Al Ajail. As ever with Jeroboam, perfumer Vanina Muracciole translated the vision into scent, swirling together a heady cloud of tuberose, cedarwood and Ambroxan to evoke ‘heaven on earth’ – the Maltese island of Gozo.
£100 for 30ml eau de parfum
Don’t be put off by the name. (When did Mr. Ford ever let us down?) This is a welcome reminder of summer’s joys, luscious with Sicilian blood orange, the signature pêche de vigne (peaches on the vine) accord and a dash of cardamom in the opening, beckoning us towards a boozy afternoon with rum, cognac, davana oil and jasmine absolute, in time to enjoy a golden sunset moment with sandalwood, benzoin, vanilla, tonka and patchouli. Sigh.
£228 for 50ml eau de partum
Instead of the usual ‘dark, churchy dusty incense and smells of a dodgy pipe smoking priest’s frayed robes,’ as ånd fragrance wittily put it, the surprisingly fresh side of frankincense is explored here. Directly sourced frankincense resin has been lovingly harvested by at least 20 generations of families who supply this ingredient, but more recently though a deadly combination of drought and economic pressures have pushed trees to the edge of extinction. A true feel-good scent.
£35 for 10ml parfum
Gusty walks on wind-whipped dunes, breathing the freshest imaginable air. Lyn Harris weaves wild herbal notes of rosemary, white sage and coriander with angelica seed and cardamom, with the earthiness of patchouli and oakmoss mellowed by orris. An interesting ‘fresh Chypre’, aromatic and yet sexy at the same time. If you to opt for the ultramarine £400 handblown glass flacon, showcasing 100ml of eau de parfum, we know you’ll want to showcase it forever.
From £150 for 50ml eau de parfum

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