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Latest Launches: Divas and Dandies

Straighten your crown, for there’s a touch of the regal about this week’s latest launches. From Carolina Herrera’s CH Queens to Papillon’s irresistible Bengale Rouge, you’ll be entering a world of dewy roses, animal instincts and sleek sensuality. Even Le Flâneur will raise his cap at you as you glide past.


The mouthwatering succulence of pink grapefruit slides into a surprise of red seaweed and a blaze of neroli before dancing into the heart of heady ylang ylang, and an exotic (and totally addictive) coconut that’s blushed with peony. As your skin warms, the regal base is finally revealed – an Ambrée carpet of smooth sandalwood and creamy vanilla that feels the velvet lining of a golden carriage. As befits the Queens who choose to wear it.
£82 for 100ml eau de parfum

Inspired by her beloved Bengal cat, Mimi, brilliant self-taught perfumer Liz Moores has poured her heart into the creation of this. A softly purring scent poured at practically extrait strength, it clings close to the skin like a tickle of fur. Think old-school glamour with modern restraint, a swoon of Turkish rose succumbing to buttery orris, ultra-smooth sandalwood swirled with honey, toasty tonka nestled in oakmoss, and a resin-rich, vanilla-lapped base to die for.
£140 for 50ml eau de parfum THE FAIREST
Inspired by Greek mythology and the garden of the Hesperides, brand new perfume house To The Fairest is on a fragrant mission to celebrate women as muses. Cécile, their debut fragrance, is a journey in a scent; from the bright beginnings of sparkling bergamot and juicy mandarin, via the floral heart of dewy roses, to the warm, aromatic base of amber and clove bud. Gentle, powdery and cocooning – we’d follow Cécile anywhere.
£85 for 50ml eau de parfum

C&E is putting itself firmly back on the stylista’s radar with a whole new look and new fragrances. Created to be shareable, Raw Instinct – with its apothecary-style teal blue flacon – opens with a classically citrus burst of kumquat and pomelo freshness, softly overtaken by apple blossom, jasmine and aromatic eucalyptus. Ultimately, the woody finale of vetiver, guaiac wood and papyrus has a grounding quality, a welcome antidote, so it feels, to a stressful world.
£71.50 for 95ml eau de parfum
crabtree-evelyn.comFLANEUR THE CHAPTHE CHAP
Bergamot, verbena and pink pepper twirl perfectly waxed moustaches to a laid-back floral heart that knows it’s lovely but feels it’d be a bit brash to show off about it; so, violet, iris, geranium and rose whisper quietly atop a warm base of amber, patchouli, vetiver and just a dash of creamy vanilla. Flâneur is a French word for a chap who saunters at leisure, observing society and engaging in cultural adventures. We’re totally engaged, here.
£35 for 50ml eau de Cologne

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