Latest Launches: Chic, sleek and fantastique!

With musk, fruit, flowers and more than a touch of cool, this week’s latest launches will make a dreamy addition to any collection. Will you flirt with Floral, marvel at Musk Shamal or be enticed by Electric Rhubarb? The fun begins with choosing…


Exclusive to Harrods until early autumn is this Julie Massé creation for Armani’s haute couture perfumery line, which sets out to capture ‘the air of the desert, dancing across the sand dunes of Arabia.’ It’s a deep dive into amber and cedarwood, armfuls of rose and jasmine, powering out of the onyx-coloured glass bottle on a tide of NoreenalTM, a modern, breezy aldehyde. Expect dust storms of musk, too, with vanilla further buffing the edges.
£225 for 100ml eau de parfum 

A deeper, darker reinvention of Atkinson’s delicate 1929 creation Black Tulip, Fabrice Pellegrin’s Tulipe Noire is as enchanting as its original petalled namesake, with a contemporary feel. A spicy, warm coriander comes alive when shot through with a dazzling bergamot. The opulent floral heart of tuberose and jasmine sings, before the hushed whispers of musk, sandalwood and cedar are heard. Calming and soothing yet elegant: a veil of a scent.
£130 for 100ml eau de parfum


Effervescent bubbliness abounds with sparkling rhubarb popping the cork on a frothy gush of gardenia, exotic frangipani and radiant jasmine Sambac. Already we’re in the sunshine and partying – tinkling laughter and clinking glasses the backdrop to a happy-making fragrance that’ll have you wanting to kick off your shoes and dance barefoot on the lawn. Perfumer Jérome Epinette has done it again – revolutionising notes we thought we knew, making them fresh, relevant, utterly wearable.
£58 for 50ml eau de parfum
floralstreet.comJIMMY CHOO
Constructed around the magnificence of the magnolia flower, this new eau de toilette represents contemporary femininity with a luminous sweet pea and apricot flower accord swirling around the central flower in a flurry of petals ruffled by a warm summer breeze of Ambroxan, musks and blonde woods. Perfumer Louise Turner says she wanted to create a fragrance ‘textured in elegance and softness,’ and from the sparkling top to the smooth base, it’s a triumph.
£49 for 60ml eau de toilette
In that sexy square Guerlain bottle, a new twist on bestselling L’Homme Idéal that wraps the original almond olfactory signature in three utterly refreshing accords. At first whoosh, experience the effervescence of bergamot, orange and a handful of mint leaves. In the heart, neroli makes a reappearance, with aquatic notes lapping alongside. And in the base – ensuring this has staying power on the skin – encounter vetiver and patchouli. Cool? Yes, and cooling.
£56 for 50ml eau de toilette


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