Latest Launches : blue sky vibes

This week’s latest launches are giving us the blue sky vibes, from Sirens and Sailors to Pacific Lime. Surf the All Saints Metal Wave, stop at Kerosene’s Flower Factory and alight with Versace’s Eros Flame. What larks!


Crisp, cold juniper berries are juxtaposed with dry papyrus wood in Metal Wave, from All Saints – part of their new trio of impressive unisex scents. The sharp citrus but honeyed scent of magnolia weaves into the fragrance, while a wave of soft, sweet notes washes over you. An unexpected contrast of notes that is a true pleasure to wear – and feels, we have to say, far more comforting than metal on the skin.
£49 for 100ml eau de parfum
Describing themselves as ‘smell-trotters’, Atelier Cologne’s vagabond founders Sylvia Ganter and Christophe Cervasel continue to seek scent inspiration from far-flung lands – in this case, paying tribute to the tropical heat, eye-popping colours and exotic scents of the Pacific Mexican coast. A This cocktail of 91% natural ingredients, it zings with lemon, orange, spearmint, lime, eucalyptus, with a coconut note from naturals purveyor Robertet that delivers a milky yet sun-drenched warmth.
From £55 for 30ml Cologne Absolue

The unforgettable British soul singer, Amy Winehouse was yet another talent gone too soon. Her spirit is the source of inspiration for the musically-themed fragrances JUSBOX have made their name by: sultry rose with a kiss of peachy osmanthus sweetness beneath the smoky swagger of rum and whisky absolute. That double-shot of booziness in the heart softens to suede-like whispers and a smooth patchouli base that will resonate until way past your bedtime.
£140 for 78ml eau de parfum


An unconventional name from a highly unconventional house you’re going to fall hard for, thrillingly now stocked in the UK by Roullier White. Those of you who’ve joined us in following the cult-status of motorcycle mechanic turned self-taught perfumer, John Pegg, get ready to wrap your noses around this. ‘Flowers spiked with grit’ is the start of a filth-laden ride – think tyre-tracks on crushed petals, chilli-speckled blooms and a salty lick of ambergris. Don’t walk, run.
£135 for 100ml eau de parfum
Presented in a stunning, ruby red flacon that hints at the passion within, at first spritz we plunge into a fabulously dandy mix of orange, rose and geranium – hoorah for adding more flowers to fellas’ fragrances! The heart is a sensuous feast of patchouli rippled with vanilla and tonka beans, and just in case you’d thus far resisted the God of Love the fragrance is inspired by, get ready to succumb to the unashamedly pepper-speckled base.
£85 for 100ml eau de parfum

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