La Mia Perla – a precious new scent you'll want to treasure…

Pearls are one of the ultimate symbols of luxury – a precious gift that symbolises feminine sensuality (Venus, the Goddess of Love, was also born from a shell), an harmonisation of softness and strength. How fitting, then, that La Perla have launched La Mia Perla – ‘my pearl’ – a silky embrace of  scent that they describe as being ‘…a tribute to female beauty, power and strength.’ But no snarling, leather-clad vixens are involved in the particular strength they seek to celebrate, here – instead think of the strength that comes from within, when you know and accept yourself fully, celebrating who you, uniquely, are. As La Perla put it, ‘In discovering La Mia Perla – ‘my pearl’ – she becomes her truest self, unapologetically feminine yet full of strength.’

It was important for La Perla that this fragrance in homage to contemporary women should be composed by a woman, too. So often we see ad campaigns and fragrabces supposedly honouring us gals, with nary a gal involved in the process! For this project, perfumer Honorine Blanc was chosen, describing her final composition thusly: ‘La Mia Perla exists like a pearl—smooth and luminous. From its heart is a signature of narcotic white florals that form the texture of silk-like petals. They are held in an embrace of creamy warmth—a glistening glow that builds through wear. This expression of feminine elegance is achieved with some of the highest quality ingredients. They form a scent that is soft yet lasting.’
So what does it smell like? Well imagine if you will the kind of woman perceived as beautiful but for the brightness that shines from her rather than outward looks alone. This is a woman as happy in a gauzy gown as her favourite pair of jeans and a t-shirt – wearing long strands of pearls with each. Juicy mandarin flows through to the most luminous jasmine, sparkling with a sprinkle of white pepper like shards of sunshine refelecting from a lake. White peony floats with the grace of a ballerina while powdered orris fills the air with a dusting of sophistication. The silky suede and ambrox dry down gently sinks in to a butter-soft sandalwood – like a fine cashmere stole thrown around your shoulders for a layer of warmth and comfort. Beautifully rounded, subtle yet characterful, we want to wear this wherever we’d wear our pearls…

La Mia Perla, from £39 for 30ml eau de parfum
Exclusive to John Lewis
We were inspired to create an Instagram video for La Mia Perla – do go and have a look at the mesmeric mini-video our very own Carson Parkin-Fairley made! (You’ll need to scroll a bit till you see the bottle.)
Written by Suzy Nightingale

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