By Kilian meets Matisse with new Art Edition bottles

The chicly maverick house of Kilian have upped their artistic game by introducing limited Art Ediion bottles excluively designed by Sophie Matisse – great granddaughter of the famous artist, Henri. Founder Kilian Hennessy is, himself, heir to the Cognac dynasty and grandson of the founder of the LVMH group. Grand children of great names they may be, but these latest generations leave you in no doubt they are very much forging their own creative paths.
Harnessing the artistic heritage that grounds both their family names, while infusing each creation with their own uniquely vibrant styles, these colourful new bottles are a step forward into the light from the distinctly darker previous flacons in the black and white anthology. An homage to freshness, they’re a welcome pop of colour that arrives just in time for Summer and the (hopefully!) warmer days ahead.
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GOOD GIRL GONE BADSplash of Neroli: an orange and pink romantic design with a touch of yellow to illustrate the fresher floral bouquet of its original fragrance, Good Girl Gone Bad.
Offering a crisp, almost creamy woodsy scent while seductive undertones of white neroli and sandalwood offer rapturous warmth. Additional notes: pure bergamot, jasmine, vetiver and patchouli.
Perfumer: Alberto Morillas
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STRAIGHT TO HEAVEN – Splash of Lemon: this new interpretation of its successful predecessor, Straight to Heaven, white crystal has inspired a blue and green design.
The perfect pairing of fresh citric lemon and bergamot with a trace of rum. Promising a softer, subtle side than its originator, this version is fresh, light and addictive. Additional notes: patchouli, rosewood and cedarwood, nutmeg, musk, sweet vanilla, and warm amber.
Perfumer: Sidonie Lancesseur
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BAMBOO HARMONY: an explosion of colors for Kilian’s mythic fragrance.
Bright, airy – a clean creation of white tea leaves taken from the heart of a bamboo mixed with delicate hints of bergamot, bigarade and neroli. Additional notes: mimosa, touches of spices, fig leaves and oak moss.
Perfumer: Calice Becker
Kilian Hennessy says: ‘I wanted to offer my customers a fresher interpretation of my two best-selling scents: GOOD GIRL GONE BAD for woman, and STRAIGHT TO HEAVEN for men, as well as repackage my only citrus scent BAMBOO HARMONY. These are also pieces of art, and it’s important to be able to interpret “freshness” in a way that is unique in our industry. Each contemporary and colorful design is inspired by the fragrances contained in the bottle while paying homage to freshness. Sophie managed to capture movement and freedom which are accomplished through the radiant colors and energetic forms.’
Kilian Sophie Matisse Art Editions, £130 for 50ml refillable spray.
From Harrods Salon de Parfums
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