JET SET DISCOVERY BOX: The Library of Fragrance Salt Air

Nothing gets you more in the holiday mood than that first glimpse of the azure sparkling sea – and more exciting still, finally inhaling deep lungfuls of that salty tang in the air as you feel  your muscles surrender to relaxation. Whichever jet set location you’re flying to (or even if it’s a ‘staycation’), this addition to our Jet Set Discovery Box is bound to have you sighing contentedly…

Most of  The Library of Fragrance range are single-note perfumes designed to be enjoyed alone or – tapping in to one the most popular perfume trends – worn in a huge variety of combinations to create a scent memory especially for you. (They tell us there are several million potential combinations!) Salt Air is slightly different in that it cleverly combines a number of notes for a more complex (yet still immediately identifiable) waft of a sea breeze and post-beach sun warmed skin – all created using sea salt, calone, musk and amber.

In order to get well and truly into the holiday spirit, we especially love layering Salt Air with their Piña Colada (which is also included in the Jet Set Discovery Box for you to enjoy).  Together, the layers of scent swirl around you, evoking a barefoot, balmy evening’s stroll along palm-fringed white sands. Inhale. Breathe. Relax.

Oh yes, we’re there already…

The Library of Fragrance Salt Air is £15 for 30ml Cologne spray
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