JET SET DISCOVERY BOX: The Library of Fragrance Piña Colada

The Piña Colada cocktail has a suitably rich history, dating back to 1950’s Puerto Rico and a certain chap called Don Ramon Lopez-Irazzy developing a delicious cream made from pure coconut. (Thanks, Don). Known as ‘Coco Lopez’ and used for tropical dishes and desserts, in 1957 it was later stepped up a notch by Ramon Marrero – bartender at Puerto Rico’s Caribe Hilton – blending the coconut cream with rum, pineapple juice and ice, to create the now world famous drink that’s a holiday on a glass. (Ramon, we love you!)

The trick to a perfect Piña Colada is apparently to use both light and dark rum, a dash of bitters and a little double cream in the mix. This Piña Colada cologne from The Library of Fragrance honours the glamour of the vintage ‘jet set’ lifestyle: a luscious scented recipe using cream of coconut, fresh pineapple and light rum, blended with that perfect balance of sweetness and richness.

Have you ever had a perfume that’s a bit heavy or dark for your taste? We urge you to use The Library of Fragrance range to layer with others in the collection for your own personal blend including Salt Air (also showcased in the Jet Set Discovery Box).

The sweet, fruity, creamy notes in Piña Colada provide a particularly good balance to any patchouli or oudh based perfumes you’d like sweeten up a touch or add some sun-drenched joy to…

The Library of Fragrance Piña Colada £15 for 30ml cologne spray
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