It’s all about the individual: Ex Nihilo, Paris

Name to watch: Ex Nihilo. Slightly unpronounceable, yes. And what does it mean? ‘Creation out of nothing’. (Latin, it turns out.)

Not quite the case here, of course: Ex Nihilo has conjured up some exquisite fragrances out of ingredients which are much more than nothing – including oudh, tuberose, gardenia, etc.

Their concept is fragrance with a ‘personal touch’ and it is. Below you can see the extremely high-tech machine which custom-blends fragrances for clients. There are some really fabulous ‘ready-made’ fragrances: Rose Hubris (a seriously full-on rose), Fleur Narcotique (lots of tuberose), smoky, earthy Vetiver Moloko and more.

But what’s unique is the opportunity to ‘personalise’ them, with additions of individual notes, then blended right before your very eyes with the super-high-tech ‘Osmologue’ machine. So if you want the vetiver ramped up (we almost always do), they make it happen. You can then take that personalisation one stage further: choose a bottle cap made of leather, glass, onyx, pearl – and have it laser-engraved, too.

Ex Nihilo’s founders, Sylvie Loday, Olivier Royère and Benoît Verdier worked to put together an experience which is really sensorial, tapping into the emotions in the way nothing does quite like scent.

And they’re friendly (um, not always the case in Paris…?) so the experience isn’t scary at all – just a joy for the senses.

Though even we haven’t dared step upstairs yet, for a more personalised consultation in the private ‘sensorial boudoir’.

On our next visit to Paris, maybe. After a glass or two of chilled Sancerre.

Ex Nihilo, 352 Rue Saint-Honoré, Paris 73001
+331 40 15 93 77

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