Iris – the ingredient of the moment!

Legend has it that the name for the flower ‘Iris’ comes from the Greek ‘rainbow goddess’ Irida, who used a rainbow to slide from sky to earth (as one does), bringing the will of the Olympic Gods to share with mere mortals.  Where she touched the ground, beautiful iris flowers grew out of her footprints…

We adore this romantic story, and it’s certainly fitting for one of the most heavenly and feminine notes in the perfumer’s scentedstore-cupboard. Interestingly, many mle fragrances are also waking up to the fact that Iris (and, indeed, floral notes in general) are rather becoming on a man’s skin, too; and we have been fascinated to see the number of brand new fragrances for both genders who are once again enraptured with the note of iris – that powdery yet floral softness that seems to meld to the warmth of skin.

Within our all new (and completely exclusive to The Perfume SocietyPrada Parfum Les Infusions de Prada Discovery Box, featuring six adorable miniature eau de parfums, you’ll find two of the most glorious celebrations of iris – the most costly and prized note in all of perfumery: Les Infusions de Prada Iris and Les Infusions de Prada Iris Cèdre

Screen-Shot-2015-07-14-at-14.42.20-e1436881757578It takes five years for the roots to mature to their full scented extravaganza – no wonder that such patience becomes so expensive, and why the very best noses yearn to use it in their creations. Intrigued? Do have a virtual leaf through our perfumery ingredient lexicon, and find out more about this incredible note…

Written by Suzy Nightingale

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