Introducing White Oud, a collaboration between Illuminum and Remi Rough

Masters of fine fragrance, Illuminum have teamed up with celebrated artist, Remi Rough to transform their Dover St space in Mayfair into an interactive space, to celebrate the launch of their limited edition, midwinter scent – White Oud – we can’t wait to see (and smell) it!

Launching 11th December, the pop-up will be open to the public in December and January, and we’re told that Rough will be using the whole space as his canvas:

‘My inspiration for the Illuminum interior artwork is the Oud itself, the ‘heartwood’ of the Aquaria and Gyrinops evergreen trees. Intense, dark raw material, much like the essence of my painting. Everything has a heart and my artwork will try and place a beating heart within the space itself.’

Only 300 bottles of this exclusive scent have been created, so you’ll need to hurry to avoid disappointment!

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