Introducing The Harmonist

The Harmonist are a fragrance house with their ethos rooted in harmony and wellbeing, and their inspiration from an age-old tradition – Feng Shui.

Taking inspiration for their first collection from the Asian philosophy, they’ve created 10 scents based on the five elements. Five fragrances in Yin and five in Yang (supposedly the Yin (black) is more feminine and the Yang (white) more masculine –  although they really don’t have sexes).

‘Founded on the ancient principle that balance binds the universe, earth and humanity together. Man being a microcosm of nature. The five basic elements of Fire, Earth, Wood, Water and Metal are present in all mater and also exist as ‘invisible forces’ within each of us. Using the world’s rarest botanical oils to infuse the perfumes with energetic power, The Harmonist 10 elixirs induce a beautiful equilibrium into targeted areas of our lives.’

In short, these are feel-good scents, with the idea that one of their blends will aide you in life with more of what you need – whether that be creativity, prosperity, socialising, seduction or wisdom. When in the boutique, (they have homes in LA, Paris and now Harrods) fragrance consultants talk you through each element, helping you to discover your innate element along with what you wish it to achieve. The Harmonist seeks to harmonise your body and soul through the power of scent and your fragrance journey.

We can honestly say, that whatever your element may be, and whatever you may desire from it, the scent will, undoubtedly, be beautiful.

Watch the hauntingly beautiful art film capturing the essence of The Harmonist scents, below:

Now, for the fragrant part. We’ve given you a run-down of some of our favourites from the collection below, but we urge you to get in store and have the full experience to understand just what The Harmonist can give to you.

Guiding Water – ozonic, watery with a mineral edge, Guiding Water is all dewy petals of rain washed blossoms. Peaceful and delicate, it is as still as the waters lotus flowers float atop.

Desired Earth – rich and peaty with a slight bitterness, Desired Earth is inspired by lofty mountain peaks and far off goals. Violet leaves lift the scent from the dark depths of cade wood and patchouli.

Sacred Water – unlike anything we’ve smelt before, a truly transporting scent – you can almost hear the thrashing of waves. Salty iodine paired with ozone, seaweed and peppermint swirl together creating a captivating meeting of minerals and ocean.

Magnetic Wood – Cool and spacious this scent is rooted in mimosa, surrounded by the delicate freshness of osmanthus, with its softly-sweet apricot facets. A scent that feels as light as a new day.

The Harmonist scents are £195 for 50ml – with refills to bottles costing just £85

At Harrods

Written by Carson Parkin-Fairley

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