Introducing Experimental Perfume Club’s Layers

A while back we visited the studios of the Experimental Perfume Club, a place demystifying the world of fragrance for the people. A lab where, for a small price, you could come and learn about perfumery and create your own scent within the space of about 3 hours – all led by their founder and trained perfumer, Emmanuelle Moeglin.

Now, the Experimental Perfume Club are going one step further with a way to echo that sense of hands-on experimentation, and a way to create your very own fragrant fingerprint. Introducing one of the most innovative ideas we’ve seen this year… Layers.

Three scents: top, heart and base, all to be worn individually, as fine fragrances. Or to be combined in any manner of ways.

Top Layer: Bergamot / Incense

A combination of top notes that’s rarely seen: warm exotic spicy notes fused with the bright citrus of bergamot. Rich, resinous Oilbanum is added to incense oil and soothing tea notes. Aromatic juniper berry oil brightens the robust bergamot further.

Mid Layer: Jasmine / Osmanthus

An ode to white flowers and balmy evenings. Sandy beaches with wafts of intoxicating blossoms in the warm nights air. The peachy, apricot facets of osmanthus lighten the heady blooms of jasmine, with frangipani flowers giving that sun-drenched, warm summer skin effect.

Base Layer: Sandalwood / Musk

A rich Indian sandalwood – less creamy, more mineral – is met with enveloping, soft musks. A leather suede that’s palpably downy has just a touch of dryness – like a well-loved leather jacket. Hints of vetiver, cool and earthy, are entwined with a mellow Ambroxan.

Emmanuelle designed the collection so that any combination of the three, or two, even, would work harmoniously. She admits this may be slightly harder – to find ingredients that complement each other so seamlessly – as they create more collections, but that is a task she’s prepared to handle. And we’re excited to see what comes next.

With an immeasurable amount of variations, you could pretty much wear a different combo every day – just be sure to write them all down, carefully (the last thing you want is creating a truly remarkable blend and forgetting the measurements).

They’ve even got a handy video on how to use your kit, which you can watch below:

They’re now stocked in the very fragrant home of Liberty London and they’ll be doing workshops on the collection and blending them with Emmanuelle herself, we urge you to get down to one. Look on the EPC website for more details.

You can buy the fragrances individually or within a set with all three and a spare vial to blend your own. Kits come with four tried and tested recommendations from Emmanuelle, but they also really want people ‘to go rogue and experiment with scent’. After all, they don’t call it the Experimental Perfume Club for nothing.

Layers 01 Blending Collection £90 for 3x 8ml vials eau de parfum

Individual Layers £95 for 50ml eau de parfum

At Experimental Perfume Club

Written by Carson Parkin-Fairley 

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