Instagram Live Interview with Brigitte Wormser

Live Instagram Q+A on Wednesday 22nd July 2020 at 12.30p.m.

We are beyond delighted that for the next in our series of InstaLive interviews with affluent creatives from the world of perfume, we are going to be joined by Brigitte Wormser, one of three co-founders of the ultra-contemporary French fragrance house, J.U.S.

J.U.S: a name created from the first letters of ‘Joyau, Unique and Sensoriel’  (a ‘unique sensory jewel’), we are invited to open ourselves up to a new sensory experience. With a roll-call of top perfumers (Céline Ellena, Fabrice Pellegrin, Aliénor Massenet, Aurélien Guichard, Alexandra Carlin), who were given total freedom when creating the J.U.S fragrances, so each represents the perfumers’ self expression.

We’ll put readers’ questions to Brigitte during the Instagram Live online chat with Suzy Nightingale (which will later appear on our YouTube channel). But to get you thinking…

  • How has #lockdown impacted on the creativity needed to dream up and launch new scents?
  • What are the plans for future J.U.S creations?
  • Where did the up cycling element of J.U.S originate?



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