Water lily

Water lily, as a perfume ingredient, is a little like lily ‘lite’.  Same sweetness – but more subtle.  Sensual, for sure, but again, with a more delicate touch.  Certainly as elegant as a traditional lily,– but with a more ‘see-through’ and yes, watery quality.  Altogether pretty, airy, feminine – rather than va-va-voom sexy.

Water lilies – Nymphea – get their name from Greek mythology, from the nymphs who played in springs or pools.  They like slow-moving or still water:  lakes, or the edges of rivers, and there are dozens of different varieties – all beautiful, and all short-lived:  each flower blooms, closes at night, and lasts for just a few days.  Nymphea odorata is the scented variety, and the one we’re interested in for fragrant purposes – though other types have a use in traditional herbal medicine:  for hair loss, skin diseases, headache and palpitations.  Certainly a note that makes our heart beat a little faster, when we smell it.

Smell water lily in:

Amouage Ciel Pour Femme
Chanel Allure
Givenchy Ange Ou Demon Le Secret
Kenzo L’Eau Par Kenzo
Versace Yellow Diamond

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