Violet leaves

Violet leaves smell quite different to the flower which emerges later.  Almost cool-as-a-cucumber, a touch metallic – yet fresh and new-mown-grass-y at the same time.  Unlike the flowers, which add a powdery touch to scents, violet leaf smells very ‘green’ – and works best in watery fragrances and masculine scents, especially in the fougère family.  Sometimes, though, both the violet leaf and the flower are used together, for a ‘cool’ contemporary violet effect, taking the edge off violet’s slightly great-auntishly old-fashioned powderiness.

Smell violet leaf in:

Cartier Eau de Cartier
Balenciaga Balenciaga Paris
Donna Karan Be Delicious
Marc Jacobs Daisy
Miller Harris Jasmin Vert

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