‘The sacred herb;’, the Romans called it – and pretty sacred sage is, too, to perfumers.  More often used in masculine perfumery, an essential oil of sage – which is steam-distilled from the leaves – does add pep (and pepperiness), freshness and zing to some women’s scents – even though you’ll probably be unaware of its eucalyptus-like undertones.  This well-known shrubby perennial garden herb, Salvia officinialis, was used to ward off evil in ancient times.  It also cured snakebite, increased fertility – and was a cornerstone of ‘Four Thieves Vinegar’, a blend of herbs alleged to ward off the plague.  All that, and a wonderful aromatic smell, too…

Smell sage in:

Goutal Mandragore
Bobbi Brown Bath
Burberry Weekend for Women
Byredo Green
Calvin Klein Eternity
Dior Dune
Floris China Rose
Guerlain Eau de Lit
Memo Moon Safari
Miller Harris Feuilles de Tabac

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