‘The sacred herb;’, the Romans called it – and pretty sacred sage is, too, to perfumers.  More often used in masculine perfumery, an essential oil of sage – which is steam-distilled from the leaves – does add pep (and pepperiness), freshness and zing to some women’s scents – even though you’ll probably be unaware of its eucalyptus-like undertones.  This well-known shrubby perennial garden herb, Salvia officinialis, was used to ward off evil in ancient times.  It also cured snakebite, increased fertility – and was a cornerstone of ‘Four Thieves Vinegar’, a blend of herbs alleged to ward off the plague.  All that, and a wonderful aromatic smell, too…

Smell sage in:

Goutal Mandragore
Byredo Green
Dior Dune
Floris China Rose
Guerlain Eau de Lit
Miller Harris Feuilles de Tabac
The Merchant of Venice Asian Inspiration

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