Rhubarb stems harvested ready to eatTart and sweet.  Delicious mixed with lots of sugar and baked into pies and tarts;  delicious when used to add a fresh, sharp edge to fruity florals and sheer aquatics, in perfumery.  It pairs beautifully with rich flowery notes like jasmine, tuberose and rose.  This long-stalked plant has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes, as well as in cooking – but with a little caution:  the stalks may be edible, but the leaves are poisonous.  Not the best-known fruity note – but rhubarb’s popularity is on the up, from all we’ve seen lately.

According to predictions, rhubarb is set to become even more of a key ingredient in future fragrance trends…

Smell rhubarb in:

Byredo La Tulipe
Miller Harris Le Pamplemousse

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