Soft, fuzzy, sensual peach.  No wonder perfumers love it:  peach almost gives the same velvety texture to a fragrance that you get from stroking the ripe fruit itself.

Since the time of the early Arab perfumers, the flesh of peach kernels  was used in scents and ointments.  Originally a native of China, peaches made their way to Europe after Alexander the Great conquered the Persians and brought back a botanical trophy, Prunus persica, then known as the ‘Persian apple’.

The nectar-like aroma you smell in a ‘peach-y’ fragrance, though, may actually be a synthetic:  aldehyde C14 (a.k.a. undecalactone) smells delectably peach-like and edible, and we defy most untrained noses to tell the difference.

Smell peach in:

Goutal le Mimosa
Dior J’Adore
Guerlain Elixir Charnel Chypre Fatale
Guerlain Mitsouko
Narciso Rodriguez for Her Eau de Parfum
Thierry Mugler Angel
Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower

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