Passion fruit

Like so many juicy ingredients, passion fruit’s squeezed its way into many of the fruity-floral scents that have lately become so popular:  tangy, a little grapefruit-y, and well-matched with other ‘tropical’ scent ingredients, adding a tart intrigue.  (The actual aroma compound itself is called oxane, FYI.)  You might think that the name has sexy overtones – but not at all:  allegedly the passionflower (a glorious blue/purple, twining vine) and passion fruit were named by Spanish Catholic missionaries who saw the flower as the symbol of the Passion of Christ, because the ring around its heart looks like the Crown of Thorns.  Passus means ‘suffering’;  flos translates as ‘flower’ – so the plants are also known as ‘Flowers of Jesus’.  And now you know.

Smell passion fruit in:

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP
Chanel Allure

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