Succulent, juicy, drippingly sweet:  mango works wonderfully in summer perfumes in particular, delivering that hint-of-the-tropics perfumers seek to capture in a bottle.  With its hints of plum and peach, and a touch of lush green, mango’s often to be found alongside floral notes in the fruity-floral compositions which have become so popular in recent years.

Many of us have enjoyed mango on holiday (though they’re rarely so perfectly succulent when they’ve been transported half-way across the world).  But did you know that this stone-fruit is related to the cashew family…?  Mangifera indica originates in the Indian subcontinent, where it’s prized for its spiritual significance (and even now, it’s celebrated as the ‘royal fruit’);  today, there are over 1,000 species in the world.

Mango blossom, too, is sometimes used in perfumery:  as sweetly floral as you’d imagine these soft white flowers to be, with a breath of lily of the valley about them.

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