When hawthorn blooms, you know spring’s here. ‘Queen of the May’, or ‘the faerie tree’, as this ancient, often gnarly tree is also known as, looks thornily off-putting throughout the winter – but then: ker-pow…! As May swings round, the Crataegus monogyna tree bursts into a froth of sweet-scented blooms, which have long been symbolically linked in the Pagan tradition with fertility and sexual abandonment.  (For the Romans, hawthorn was a symbol of marriage. To the Greeks, it spelled good fortune.) Walk past a hedgerow in full blossom and you’ll breathe the spicy, almond-like scent of the flowers which has been prized for centuries by perfumers. But in modern perfume creation, hawthorn’s recreated synthetically – adding freshness and a sparkle to several well-known and a raft of gorgeous niche creations.

Smell hawthorn in:

Chanel Les Exclusifs de Chanel Beige
Kenzo Flower by Kenzo
Maison Francis Kurkdjian Petit Matin
Parle Moi de Parfum Totally White
Penhaligon’s Ostara
Penhaligon’s Blasted Bloom
The Merchant of Venice La Fenice Pour Femme
Valentino Donna Acqua
YSL Paris

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