Koalas love it.  So do we. Steam-extracted from the leaves of a family of super-fast-growing trees and shrubs native to Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania – over 500 different varieties – eucalyptus can add an airiness to perfumes, with its green, camphor-y, lemon-ish facets.  It’s challenging to perfumers, though:  eucalyptus is so powerful that it can rapidly overwhelm a scented construction and deteriorate into ‘hint-of-mothball’…  In aromatherapy – where it’s the ‘therapy’ that counts, rather than the ‘aroma’ -it’s widely used;  it’s just brilliant for coughs and wheezes. (Beware, though:  neat eucalyptus oil should be kept away from babies and small children, and avoided by those who suffer from asthma. Actual fragrances with hints of eucalyptus, however, shouldn’t cause any problems.)

Smell eucalyptus in:

Frederic Malle Carnal Flower
Yardley English Lavender


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