Did you know that the apple’s really a member of the rose family…? (Or rather, lots of members:  there are thousands of varieties of Malus domestica, a tree originating in Asia).  What it gives to fragrance, though, is a fresh, crisp, mouthwatering quality, reminiscent of biting into an apple itself.

Apples have been a part of fragrance creation right back to the medieval era of Arab perfumery.  It isn’t just the fruit that’s used:  apple blossom gives a soft, floral air to fragrances – and lately, there’s been a trend to using something called an ‘apple tree’ note:  in fact, a synthetic, ‘fantasy’ ingredient which delivers a fruity-woodiness.

Through the rise in popularity of fruity-floral fragrances, apple’s been having a moment in the sun.

Smell apple in:

DKNY Be Delicious
Penhaligon’s Artemisia

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