Angelica is a family of beautiful, ‘umbellifer’ (or umbrella-like) plants, including Angelica archangelica:  both the root and the seeds can be used (though the root’s more pungent).  The natural oil is also used in the liqueur Chartreuse (with its signature bright yellow-green colour, evoking the flowers of the plant itself), while the stem can be candied.

And in perfumery? Angelica gives a musk-like, green, aromatic odour – although today, it’s also synthesised, and used as a fixative and ‘synergist’.  (Which basically means it makes some other ingredients work better together).

In neo-Pagan times, angelica was used to promote healing and protect against negative energies – and we rather like the thought of dabbing some of that on…

Smell angelica in:

Creed Royal Oud

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