Almond notes are very ‘gourmand’, with a foodie quality – and most often enjoyed in fragrances within that almost good-enough-to-eat perfume family:  almond’s a less sweet alternative to vanilla, delivering a buttery or creamy impression.

This tree – native to the Middle East and south Asia but now also blossoming across Europe, Africa and the United States – first offers us a froth of white or pale pink blossoms:  almond blossom absolute, taken from those flowers, is a soft note with hints of subtle heliotrope, or honey.  The absolute created from the nut itself is sweet, but with a bitter edge (think Amaretto, here);  almond can give a fragrance a marzipan quality, maybe even remind you of macaroons.

Last but not least, there’s an ‘almond tree’ note use sometimes used by perfumers – in this case, a synthetic ‘fantasy’ note:  green, nutty and woody.

Smell almond in:

Dior Hypnotic Poison
L’Artisan Perfumer Jour de Fete

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