If this is your first time on The Perfume Society website, welcome. (And if not? Enjoy your leisurely mooch.)

We know that many visitors are arriving on The Perfume Society website right now, having been given Gift VIP Subscriptions for Christmas – or perhaps a copy of The Perfume Bible.

So we’d like to say ‘welcome’. On the site, you’ll find over 400,000 words of (fact-checked!) information about fragrance, which we’ve endeavoured to illustrate as engagingly as possible.

  • You can explore the history of scent
  • The fascinating ingredients which go to make up the fragrances we wear…
  • You can read about the ‘noses‘, in our ever-growing portfolio of perfumer interviews…
    This wealth of carefully curated information – put together by our team of perfume world insiders and experts – has led Frederic Malle – whose own range of fragrances has at least in part sparked the growing interest in perfume that we’re observing – to refer to us as ‘the most authoritative perfume website in the world.’ (We’re blushing, Frederic. But thanks.)
  • You might also like to explore our portfolio of boxes in the SHOP section, here: scroll down for the back catalogue of Perfume Society Discovery Boxes which have been so well-received by press and perfumistas alike – and earned us a Pure Beauty Award, in 2015.
  • If you’ve completed your VIP Subscription sign-up (via the LOG-IN section above), you can of course also read The Scented Letter, our Jasmine Award-winning magazine. (And if you haven’t signed up as a VIP yet? Here’s a taster.)
  • And don’t forget FR.eD – our virtual online fragrance advisor, who can almost psychically lead you by the hand (and perhaps the nose) to a new scent ‘love’. Put him to the test here

The Perfume Society will be back in full swing on Monday 4th January, when the perfume world reawakens. Meanwhile, we’re enjoying a well-earned rest ourselves, enjoying the fragrances that Santa tucked into our own stockings.

Till then: a Happy New Year – and enjoy being part of our perfumed world…

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