Iconic Chanel No5 gets its first new look ever

Well, this doesn’t happen every day.

In fact, it’s never happened that the so-recognisable No5 bottle has had a ‘new look’ – but from 4.30pm on Monday 15th October 2018, Chanel No5 is quite simply going red.

Red, of course, is one of Chanel‘s iconic ‘colours’ – a monochrome fashion statement almost as linked with the designer as black or white. The couturier referred to it as ‘The colour of life, the colour of blood’ – and used it widely for accessories, tweeds (and of course, statement lipsticks).

Now, for the first time, the clear, geometric glass bottle – designed in 1921 and modified in 1925 – has been given a red cloak, just in time for Christmas. The design is carried across both Chanel No5 and No5 L’Eau.

It’s a limited edition – with an even more limited edition of 55 numbered crystal Baccarat 900ml bottles, for collectors – for a cool £25,000. (We’ve already put in our request to Santa.)

For now, it’s exclusive to the Chanel website – and from 2nd November, at Chanel counters nationwide. The countdown starts here

Chanel No5 Red £130 for 100ml eau de parfum
Chanel No5 L’Eau £130 for 100ml eau de parfum

Find it at

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