How to Find a Fragrance for Your Holiday

The stress of What To Pack for your holidays is always high, with airline regulations restricting the size of liquids you can carry on-board adding to the existing panic of how many perfumes we can squeeze into an already bulging suitcase. Plus: what to actually wear while you’re away? The dilemma is real. But fear not, just follow our handy holiday fragrance-finding guide…

At The Perfume Society, we’re here to make finding your next ‘new favourite’ fragrance a complete doddle. Just follow these simple steps, and you’ll be off on a fragrant journey of discovery.


1: Start with what you love

Instead of plunging wildly into the dark and trying every random fragrance you see, it’s a good idea to base your sniff list on something you already know you love. Our Fragrance Finder is completely genius at this, and has been recommended by fragrance experts as the best place to start when looking for a new fragrance to suit you.



All you need do is type in the name of a scent you already enjoy and you’ll be given an immediate list of six scents to seek out, all at various price points and with characteristics you’re extremely like to swoon for. Honestly, try it – they’re quite spookily accurate!




2: Give yourself time

Now clutching your shopping list of scents to try, we cannot urge you strongly enough to allow yourself the time to live with them on your skin a while before making a snap decision either way. First sniff? That’s the top notes – generally something citrus-y and ephemeral – which can disappear within the first few minutes of spraying because the ingredients evaporate more quickly.

We find forty minutes to an hour is enough to give you a proper sense of what the perfume smells like on you – so if you are at Duty Free, perhaps go away and have your meal / browse elsewhere while making the decision. And if you don’t want to douse yourself head-to-toe then spray on a blotter or ‘spill’ (long paper strip) to get an idea. But remember – it will only be an idea of the final scent. They were made to be warmed and worn on your skin, not paper, so will often smell very different (and better) on you. And your mood/the weather/food can all drastically alter how a scent smells on you.



3. Don’t be afraid to take risks!

We suggest the ideal time to try new scents is on a holiday – not only do we become a bit braver while staying elsewhere (perhaps wearing differing outfits and hairstyles than we normally do), but wearing a new fragrance can help lock the whole holiday into wonderful scent memories you can return to time and again, ;  aromas that will remind you of the place, the people you were with, and even the temperature of the air or time of year.

Why not take a whole selection of scents that are easy to travel with, which you can carry with you on the plane and pop into your bag, and that will fit the vacation vibe of wherever you are travelling? Try these…



For a Tropical Destination…

Niche VII Discovery Box – a sizzling selection of exciting scents that radiate elegance, sunshine and exoticism: £23 (or £19 for VIP Club Members)


Atkinsons 1799 Mint & Tonic – Wonderfully cooling (and long-lasting) when the going gets too hot, this will be your portable perfumed breeze!

Caroline Herrera Herrera Confidential Emerald Musk – Gorgeously opulent, why not wear for a dressy dinner to dazzle fellow guests?

Contradictions in Ilk Libertine – Inspired by Cassanova’s favourite tipple, this sensually daring scent invites you to seduce…

Elie Saab Le Parfum Lumiére – Radiantly glowing, this white floral bouquet smoulders with jasmine, tuberose and gardenia.

STORIES No.011.5ml eau de parfum OR STORIES No.02 1.5ml eau de parfum – Scent memories captured forever in these wear anywhere go-to’s.

Floral Street Sunflower Pop – Bright and happy, this sparkles with optimism and is perfect for a day exploring local culture.

Molton Brown Neon Amber – Zesty mandarin brightens the deep amber glow of the base as tonka exudes addictive deliciousness.

Sarah Baker Symmetry – A modern Cologne style inspired by travel, drying down to an exotic oudh-laden sense of mystery.

Storie Veneziane by Valmont Rosso – Oozing grand style, this is a scent to swagger in (while contemplating which mansion to buy on the island).

Comme des Garçon Rouge – Contemporary chic featuring steamy Indonesian ginger and incense with intriguing notes of rhubarb and geranium.

skinSense Overnight Leave on Mask – The perfect skin-drench to plump and soothe sun-stressed skin: don’t holiday in the sun without this skin-saviour!

STORIES Parfums Nº.01 Hand & Body Wash 100ml OR STORIES Parfums Nº.02 Hand & Body Wash 100ml – A deliciously scented summer holiday essential.




For an Adventure

Launches to Love Discovery Box – This set invites exploration, pushing your perfumed boundaries and thrilling new niche discoveries: £23 (or £19 for VIP Club Members)


ARgENTUM Become – Grounding and comforting woodiness offers olfactory protection while urging you on to bigger, better adventures.

D’OTTO 1+7 – Luminous notes daringly exploding amidst the traditional fougere-style heart. Aromatically inspired by Jackson Pollock.

Lalique Soleil – The sunshine lasts all day with this beautiful scent, before cool milkiness laps pear juice and praline. Divine!

Maison Crivelli Neroli Nasimba – Based on wild orange blossom experienced onsafari, the floral notes sizzle on the warm leather base.

Maya Njie Tobak – Taken from Maya’s West African / Swedish heritage, this supremely dry, smoky scent swirls suavely for hours.

Memoize London Concordia – Inner peace granted via soft white flowers and transparent muskiness that cossets to keep you safe.

Michael Kors Gorgeous! – Sashaying with confidence, to be worn as a daily affirmation, the white flowers sit smoothly on softest suede.

Parfums de Marly Valaya – Mindfulness, bottled: the sensation of expensive silk sheets, the bliss of resting before your next adventure.

Robert Piguet Fracas – The diva, a must-try tuberose classic that’s always in style. It harkens to the golden age of travelling bravely.

Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Libera – Celebrating freedom, abandoning yourself to excitement, the fruitiness beckons happiness.

Thameen London Fanfare – Inspired by Covent Garden’s history, this big-hitting Cologne elixir keeps things sparkling fresh 24/7.

Yardley London English Rose hand cream 50ml  – A must-pack smoothing, soothing essential to keep on hand (literally) at all times.





For a City Break

Exquisite Essences Discovery Box – An artfully curated selection of contemporary scents to inspire living life to the full & loving forever: £23 (or £19 for VIP Club Members)


Armani Sì – Urging you to say ‘yes!’ to impromptu city getaways, honeyed rose swoons romantically in this so-modern chypre.

Electimuss Trajan – Inspired by Roman history, only wanting the best; explore a city’s past while wearing today’s aromatic masterpiece.

Contradiction in ILK Sincere – Lulling with a soft, milky kiss, this is a snuggle of your lover’s skin in luxurious boutique hotel sheets.

Initio Oud for Happiness – Resolutely urban, the woodiness inspires self-confidence, a certain city swagger to your every scented step.

Jusbox Spring Dance – Immerse yourself in classical music this was inspired by, thrilling to the sublime floral muskiness, enraptured.

La Perla Signature – Classiness, an insouciant chicness that encircles via violet leaf, mandarin, neroli and a vetiver-rich dry down.

Memoize London Unitas – Pink pepper, saffron, cinnamon & nutmeg set senses alight, while rose, tobacco & amber dance ’til dawn.

Molton Brown Delicious Rhubarb & Rose – Traditional British ‘flavours’ reimagined in this zingy, enlivening, addictive fragrance.

Prosody Lissom Linden – Lime trees often line city streets, a unique scent enriched with honeyed chamomile to shimmer seductively.

Sarah Baker Far From the Madding Crowd – Escape to a secret green space for a city picnic that feels in the heart of the countryside.

Shay & Blue Voulez Vous Lite – Grab your latte to go with this frothy, coffee-infused giggle of a scent to get your day started beautifully.

The Merchant of Venice Gyokuro – Paying tribute to intricate Japanese tea ceremonies, set your imagination awake and explore afar.

Widian London – A fragrant tribute to the city’s character, this is a leather jacket worn over a raspberry silk party dress. Party on!


Whichever scents you decide to take – or fall in love with while you’re away – we promise that stepping outside of your perfume comfort zone will lead to a lifelong romance that continues far beyond your holiday. Take the plunge and explore your scented possibilities, today…

Written by Suzy Nightingale

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