Home is where the heart is for Ted Baker’s scent of adventure…

While dreams of far-flung travels may seem aeons away in the seemingly never-ending grey drizzle before spring finally blooms, Ted Baker’s Home Residence collection is here to woo us with a scent of adventure from exciting and stylish locations around the world. Travelling the globe, Ted gathered together ideas for a collection of truly sumptuous home fragrance products based on those cities closest to his heart.

If you still have mulled-wine fragranced candles and heavily-spiced diffusers kicking about the house, now is an excellent time to clear the decks and create a fresh new scented destination, each with its own romantic travel story…

Ted’s travels began in his hometown when he was inspired by the sweet aromas of the Columbia Road flower market of Victorian London. The sublime mix of wild rose and english leather perfectly captures the essence of this sprawling city.

New York
For the city that never sleeps, Ted concocted an enticing blend of vanilla and cedarwood to portray the glamour and opulence of 1920s New York.

Florida’s graceful flamingos inspired Ted’s exotic Miami fragrance, where juicy tinges of star apple and passion fruit evoke memories of burning sunsets and a sky painted crimson and pink.

Drawing on devotion and unrequited love, Ted’s green tea and bamboo infused fragrance came to fruition whilst exploring Tokyo’s exquisite flower gardens.

The Greek capital’s rich history and mythology spawned a blend of fig and olive blossom as a reminder of a time when beauty truly was a labour of love.

With ocean air and Sea Salt at its heart, Ted crafted this fragrance as a celebration of innocence over experience and the magic of storytelling.
The Residence collection comes beautifully presented in intricately handcrafted vessels made in Portugal, and includes both luxury candles and reed diffusers. It was vital to Ted that these fragranced items not only smell wonderfully evocative, but fabulous looking pieces in their own right – something to proudly display in your home, and enjoy looking at every day.

TED_BAKER_HOME_DIFFUSERWe adore the idea of travelling the world from the comfort of your own home, though we wouldn’t mind tagging along with Ted as he collects stamps on his passport, and love the artsy-crafy ‘oh I just picked it up in a local market, dah-ling’ look of the whole collection. Our favourite? Well we have to be proud of our home town, don’t we?! The heady mixture of rose and leather in the London candle is edgy enough to reflect the cool-city vibe, but pretty enough to to have us dreaming of stepping outside the house without wearing a coat.

Breathe in and imagine where you’d like to go…

£28 for Ted Baker Residence candles
£35 for Ted Baker Residence reed diffusers
Try them at John Lewis

Written by Suzy Nightingale

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