Springing from their belief that ‘perfume needs a new approach, as it brings so much joy and touches our imagination just as a piece of fine art,’ Illuminum emphasise the true quality of the finest perfumery ingredients – the scented treasures of the perfumer’s world.  Hence our delight to have the woodsily shareable Vetiver Oud as part of our Hidden Treasures Discovery Box.

With an ever-changing gallery space in Dover Street, we love the way this house place fragrance firmly on the pedestal of Art – echoing our belief that perfumery is indeed an art form.

Vetiver Oud stems from their ‘Haute Perfume’ collection, and the blend comprises a very high (30%) concentration of precious oils – Sicilian bergamot, both Madagascan and Javanese vetiver, oudh from Madras and a beautifully earthy yet smooth patchouli that lingers sexily on the skin and begs to be nuzzled in to as it warms. Part of a fascinating and diverse collection of fragrances that encourage the wearer to close their eyes and just sniff deeply, this take on oudh proves you should never pre-judge – just go with your gut instinct of what smells so good you just have to go back for more.

Seductively womanly or exotically handsome? It’s how you wear it, and whoever you decide to be that day…

Illuminum Vetiver Oud from £150 for 100ml eau de parfum
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