Developed in Portugal during the 1930s by Alberto Ferreira Couto, this highly effective toothpaste has gained cult-like status among those who wouldn’t dream of going back to their regular smile-brightener.

The artisan production of this much-loved product is still in the hands of the last heir of the Coutos, Alberto Gomes da Silva, and it’s the stylish staple of many a beauty editor’s bathroom cabinet. (And let’s face it: there aren’t many toothpastes you’d find on the shelves of Liberty or Avery Fine Perfumery!)

Famous partly thanks to its retro-cool packaging, the fact remains that nobody remains loyal to toothpaste for decades simply because it looks fabulous – it has to do the job, too. Couto has it covered, being packed full with antiseptic and mouth-reviving ingredients. The company even suggests you even try applying it topically as a soothing treatment on any areas of concern in your mouth.

An ideal holiday companion chosen by us for the Hidden Treasures Discovery Box, and especially in this travel-friendly size to pop in a make-up bag and keep with you for on-the-go freshness whenever you need it.

Couto Toothpaste  from £5.50 for 120g tube
Buy it at Avery Fine Perfumery

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