Legendary perfumer François Robert was chosen by Bex London creator Rebecc Goswell as the nose to work with her on the special project of SW1X – a continuation of her fragrant exploration of the evocative smells associated with particular areas of our capital city and its scented histories…

Lemon, bergamot and basil suggest a more traditional and herbaceous past, leading smoothly into a heady bouquet of rose, muguet, frankincense and nectar-like osmanthus, before revealing the opulently spiced heart of clove, saffron and myrhh. One of the most surprising notes we’ve ever come across is that of ‘printer’s ink’ – apparently a happy accident that occurred when a test lab sample of an early stage in the fragrance’s creation was spilled onto a pile of Hong Kong dollar bills, and the serendipitous discovery of how great they smelled together!

As Rebecca, notes, ‘It was important for me to continue the theme of tradition juxtaposed with a sense of “new luxe” – much of Knightsbridge was originally built and is still owned by Britain’s oldest and most gentrified families, yet there’s now a vibrant culture of wealth making its voice heard, hailing from overseas and bringing with it a sensual and modern dialogue of luxury, money and sophistication.’

The Middle Eastern influence is clear in the mossy leather dry-down that swirls around the oudh base. Truly sharable and a true up and coming treasure in our Hidden Treasures Discovery Box, we think this smells completely different on male and female skins – grab the nearest person of the opposite sex and test our theory for yourself once you’ve got your hands on this sumptuous scent…

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