Famed for their staying power – far and above that of traditional Colognes thanks to their high concentration of raw materials and the very best quality ingredients – here we are offered the best of both worlds, with the fresh juiciness of bergamot and limette, and the flirtation of costly saffron slowly sinking into the arms of the creamily smooth woody musk and addictive vanilla in the base.

Founders of Atelier Cologne, Sylvia Gamter and Christopher Cervasel, have fused the best of traditional treasures of the cologne heritage past with a distinctly modern twist – not only in the enhanced longevity on the skin, but also the rounded compositions and their insistence on the high concentration of essential oils in all their formulas.

Santal Carmin – along with the other fragrances in the Atelier Cologne collection – have been designed to be enjoyed by both sexes. We’re warning you that this one may cause a bit of a scented tug-of-war in the bathroom. So we advise: stake your claim early from your Hidden Treasures Discovery Box if it’s your new fragrant love!

Atelier Cologne Santal Carmin from £200 for 100ml Cologne absolue
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