HIDDEN TREASURES DISCOVERY BOX: AD Skin Synergy Nourishing Night Treatment Facial Oil

We believe the more divinely-fragranced a skin care routine is, the more you’re likely to enjoy using a product regularly – and reap the benefits of that skin treat.

With a list of all-natural scented ingredients that read like notes from a fine perfume, British skincare ‘rising star’ AD Skin Synergy has packed this precious serum with purely organic jasmine and rose oils, along with lavender, palmarosa, ylang ylang, frankincense and neroli.

Take time to close your eyes and inhale the opulently fragrant bouquet as you apply this non-greasy yet extravagantly moisturising oil, and blissful relaxation – a chance to exhale the stress of your day and concentrate on the good things – will be added to the superbly skin-nourishing benefits of applying the golden drops of goodness.

All oils are not created the same, however, as any nose knows – and AD Skin Synergy uses only the finest 100% organic essential oils in their formula. The jasmine extraction is their ‘secret de mason’: a technique that took years to perfect in order for the purity levels to attain organic status. With over 24 hours of intense hydration promised, and cabinets full of awards from The Green Beauty Bible, The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible and

The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible; we think you’ll soon discover why this is a true skincare ‘star’…

It is has been included in your Hidden Treasures Box  as a little ‘cult’ extra. Breathe in – and enjoy…

AD Skin Synergy Nourishing Night Treatment Facial Oil from £38 for 50ml
Buy it at AD Skin Synergy

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