Heading beach-wards for one last summer surf? Thanks to Davidoff, you might just find it cleaner

Been on a beach lately? Been horrified by the litter? Us, too.
Sunhats off, then, to Davidoff Cool Water – who recently carried out a beach clean-up at Bigbury, in Devon, led by TV personality, musician and owner of surf brand Jam Industries Andy Jordan, pictured here. (NB We can see why there was no shortage of volunteers, meanwhile – for all sorts of reasons.)
The beach clean-up yielded quite a bit of trash, over just 100 metres: 8 bags, with 13.5 kilos and 860 items. And much of that was potentially harmful plastic and polystyrene.
As Andy explains: ‘Ocean is a big part of my life – as a keen surfer, I have personally encountered polluted sea water and it’s saddening. It only takes one to make a change – I think if we each make a conscious effort to do our own little bit, we can help preserve the most beautiful aspect of nature, and continue to coexist with it!’
He continues: ‘I think Davidoff Cool Water ‘Love the Ocean’ is such an amazing concept – to help protect not only preserving the pristine seas, but also bringing it home and make us aware of the importance of ocean protection – it starts here, keeping our own beaches clean. Please help us on our journey to protect the world’s oceans – In just 34 years the oceans will contain more plastic than fish, when measured in weight! Let’s do something about it. The oceans connect cultures and make us better people. So get on board.’
2016_08_16_Davidoff_0026_JPEG Full Size (sRGB) For Web copyWith its surf’s-up, aquatic vibe, we’d say it is a natural fit for Davidoff to set out do its bit for the oceans – and our beaches. The recent Davidoff Cool Water Ocean Extreme Limited Edition, for instance, specifically set out to raise awareness of the challenges our oceans face, with money from each bottle sold going towards the 10,000m2 of ocean Davidoff Cool Water has pledged to protect. Find out more here.
It may too late to join in the Bigbury-on-Sea clean-up. Sadly, Andy Jordan won’t be around to help, either. But for anyone hitting the beach this weekend – or anytime, come to that – clearing the trash from the area around us is surely the least we can do.
By Jo Fairley
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