Harrods presents: Made With Love

The words ‘artisan’ and ‘bespoke’ tend to be bandied about a bit, these days, and applied to all manner of things – from scent to sandwiches – but when Harrods pay homage to the craftspeople who create the beautiful things they stock in store; you can be pretty sure it’s going to be extra special. One glance at the immaculately dressed windows (each of them devoted to particularly rare or exclusive pieces) in the Made With Love theme, and you know you must explore within…

Harrods say: ‘During the month of August, we will be celebrating all things Made With Love at Harrods, championing the art and provenance behind key pieces from luxury fashion through to exquisite homeware pieces. Presenting the most detailed craftsmanship, unique one-of-a-kind pieces, exclusive capsule collections, plus luxury personalisation services, the world’s most prestigious and luxury brands have come together to create bespoke items exclusively for Harrods.

Throughout the month, each department of the Knightsbridge store will play host to a variety of highly skilled craftsmen who meticulously cut, stitch, etch and polish in the name of integrity and heritage, offering their unique services to make each purchase that little bit more personal.’

image008We are – of course – particularly smitten with the windows of the perfume houses they have chosen to highlight. Xerjoff‘s glittering like a fragrant jewel box; Clive Christian proudly displaying the striking black and white artwork created for their uber limited edition X Artwork for Men (a mere 1,000 bottles of this are available, having been discovered deep within the archives…)


Many other fragrant treasures are being showcased to tempt the collectors among you…. at Guerlain we have Collective Privee (only 5 fragrances produced every year and numbered); White and Gold Bee Bottles (such intricate bottle detailing, truly like an ornament) and Royal Extract – exclusively made for Harrods and in the distincrive Harrods green livery.

If you’re bored of bottles (and if you are, you’re bored with life, to mangle the well known quote!) then try some scented jewellery to take your fragrance to another level – swinging around your ears, to be presice…

kilian earrings
Paige Novick for Killian Double Ring & Earrings: Scented Earrings, available in 18K White Gold Chain plated Black Rhodium, Vermeil charms with White Diamonds and Grey Pearls.

Of course no art piece or rare item is going to come cheaply, nd many of these items are price are on request, but even if you can’t afford to splurge – do pop in to Harrods and have a look at these in person if you can. And don’t forget to check their website for futher details of special events in store throughout August!

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