Green & Black's Velvet Edition

Velvety smooth chocolate that just melts in the mouth is surely one of life’s great pleasures, and so we really wanted to indulge you by giving you a full-size bar of Green & Black’s Velvet Edition to try in our Velvet Collection Discovery Box!

The ‘mouth-feel’ sensation of softness truly sets this range apart, and Brandt Maybury, Green & Black’s Taste Specialist, explained why they had worked so hard on developing the new Velvet Edition range. While many people already adore the taste of dark chocolate, ‘We know that… others sometimes find the taste a little bitter. So, we scoured the globe to find the right cocoa beans to create the unique taste profile of Green & Black’s Velvet Edition. A dark 70% chocolate that is rich in cocoa content, yet exceptionally smooth in flavour.’

Ethically sourced chocolate from the finest ingredients, with no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, one of the secrets is the delicious Ghanaian cocoa beans they gently roast, carefully balanced with sweet Madagascan vanilla (which also happens to be one of our favourite fragrance notes!) We know dark chocolate lovers will already be fans, but definitely think it’ll convert those of you who usually prefer milk. This manages to balance depth of cocoa flavour while remaining sweet and smooth, with subtle notes of roasted hazelnut, coconut and raisins.
We often use Green & Black’s Chocolate in our How to Improve Your Sense of Smell Workshops (see Events for more information), asking attendees to pop a square of chocolate into their mouth but hold their nose at first, then release and breathe in, savouring the incredible explosion of flavours that suddenly appear – a true test of the vital link between our sense of smell and taste: try it yourself at home, and prepare to be amazed!

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