Glorious Gift Guide: Our Edit of Fragrances for Everyone!

We know so many people who are getting the decorations up early this year – and attempting to tick off their present list pronto, too! For all your fragrant gitft-giving requirements this season, here’s our Christmas Gift Guide, featuring fragrances for all…


For Him:

Eight & Bob Iconic Discovery Set: £20

Perfect for someone with a love of history, discover the exquisite, timeless glamour of a fragrance house with THE most uniquely intriguing backstory (involving the perfumer’s encounter with a certain American President, who really, really wanted a bottle of the fragrance for himself…) Discover the full Eight & Bob story here – meanwhile, invite your lucky gift recipient to explore the stunning scents contained within:

Cap d’Antibes  – a fragrance that captures the essence of long summer days.

Champs de Provence  – an exquisite fragrance, inspired by the beauty of Provence.

Egypt – based on Albert Fouquet’s fascination of ancient Egyptian culture.

Eight & Bob Original –  this fragrance was a great success with both JFK and his friends…

Mémoires de Mustique – capturing the magic of this unique Caribbean island

Nuit de Megève – based on mountain air, the smell of wood smoke and elegance.



Escentric Molecules Discovery Set £25

For those who love modernity this cult house is a must-try, and the Discovery Set is the perfect opportunity to encounter each of their hero Molecule fragrances (featuring single notes that resonate resplendently on skin), and their Escentric counterparts (fragrances that enhance the original molecule notes with other ingredients, to bring out surprising characteristics). Within the set, they’ll get to try ten scents in total, including:

The Escentric Molecules Discovery Set includes FIVE duos2ml samples. 

Escentric 01 – the Iso E Super molecule features heavily, with the remaining formula using ingredients ‘designed to underscore its low-lit mood.’

Molecule 01 –  the ‘partner’ to Escentric 01 contains nothing but Iso E Super – a single ingredient

Escentric 02 – vetiver, synthetic musk, Muscone plus powdery orris, elderflower extract and hedione

Molecule 02 – unadulterated Ambroxan

Escentric 03 – a tribute to the more familiar side of vetiver: its dark, slightly exotic woodiness.

Molecule 03 – Vertiveryle acetate, a refined vetiver note is celebrated at its purest

Escentric 04 –  pink grapefruit, rose and pink peppercorns

Molecule 04 – a seriously room-filling sillage of smooth sandalwood

Molecule 05  – consists of the molecule Cashmeran pure and singular

Escentric 05 – dry, radiant, warm and woody with a touch of pine resin



Floris Private Collection Discovery Set £35

Another for history buffs and all who appreciate a classic style of fragrance yet with completely contemporary twists as well, this unisex set delves deep into the collection of Floris, here exploring their more recent scents, which have proved a massive hit with fragrance fans (Honey Oud, as just one example, is regularly raved about on social media). Once only kept for private clients, this selection is now available to admire…

Beramotto Di Positano – fresh bergamot, mandarin, and marine notes combine with orange blossom and a hint of vanilla at the heart, leading to wood, amber, and ginger at the base.

Honey Oud – a gourmand accord of English honey and vanilla combine to add a velvet softness to the oud oil.

71/72 – aromatic juniper is paired with clean citrus notes, heady florals of jasmine and lavender alongside earthier notes of orris and oud.

Cherry Blossom – opening with zesty hints of bergamot and pink peppercorns. The heart reveals the delicate notes of cherry blossom, osmanthus, peony, rose and ripe cherries conveyed through sensual musk and sandalwood notes in the base.

A Rose For… – the main character, rose, is delicately wrapped in incense, oud, patchouli, and sandalwood giving the fragrance strength, refinement, and depth.

Discover the full Floris story here




The Scented Gent Discovery Box £23 / £19 for VIPs

For the chap looking for a versatile new wardrobe of fragrances to carry him through from office-wear to evening occasions, and while realaxing at weekends, The Scented Gent Discovery Box was curated for versatility. Introducing your gift recipient to some new niche names as well as beloved designers and classic houses, there’s something for all tastes, here:

Montblanc Explorer Platinum 2ml eau de parfum – Head-clearing soul-soothing and utterly stylish, the violet leaf, clary sage & cedar combine for outdoors-y freshness rendered chic.

Brioni Éclat 1.8ml eau de parfum – The most effortlessly handsome everyday scent from the bespoke Italian  menswear house, this is like dawn breaking, a gentle brightness that’s so right for any occasion.

Floris No.007 2ml eau de parfum – A must-have for Bond fans, of course, but also for anyone wishing to exude suave charm, here rendered via sweet orange and herbaceous accents with a pop of gin-like juniper berries.

Parfums de Marly Percival 1.5ml eau de parfum – Vibrantly aromatic, this zings from the bottle with mandarin and zesty bergamot, with a background of hushed lavender to calm and a woody, peppery base for intrigue.

Shay & Blue Dandelion Fig 2ml eau de parfum – Inspired by childhood dandelions. Unusual, unisex, eclectic. Whisper-soft layers of fig and dandelion leaf. Blended with lemongrass, tomato vine and juniper.

TUMI Continuum [12:00] 2ml eau de parfum – Capturing power via incense, amber and smoky notes, it echoes ‘the power that the urban man draws from reconnecting with his environment.’

Floral Street Black Lotus 1.5ml eau de parfum – The award-winning British house present a rose dressed in a leather jacket, smouldering with spicy nuances of red peppercorn and saffron. Once smellled, forever adored.

Jimmy Choo Man 2ml eau de toilette – refined yet with a rebellious sense of humour, this masculine fragrance is a woody aromatic fougère, full of modern freshness and pineapple leaf but grounded in earthy musk.

Bvlgari Bvlgari Man Rain Essence 1.5ml eau de parfum – This fresh, woody musk fragrance pays tribute to the revitalizing power of rain with its notes of white lotus and crystal musks that leave an invigorating trail.

Kenzo Homme Intense 1ml eau de toilette – Inspired by the intensity of bamboo and serenity of a sea breeze. The freshness of pink peppercorn coupled with a sea breeze contrasts with the warmth of a fig and sandalwood.

Bentley For Men 1.8ml eau de toilette – Indulging in the finest raw materials and clear must-haves for Bentley’s fragrances: wood and leather – best known from the luxurious handcrafted interior of Bentley cars.

For that extra-special gift:



Shay & Blue Fragrance Wardrobe £150

This proudly British house create stunning scents that transcend trends yet feel totally part of the fragrant zeitgeist. Says perfumer Julie Massé: “Perfumery is a language. Composition is the translation of an artistic vision of life, something between pure creation, interpretation and affirmation.” Let them speak fluent S&B, then:

The Shay & Blue Fragrance Wardrobe includes TEN x 10ml samples. 

Amber Rose – May rose blended with white amber and sweet creamy notes

Atropa Belladonna –  Cassis berries and jasmine dance with patchouli and vanilla

Black Tulip – Exotic plum flirts with white chocolate and woods

Blackberry Woods– Glossy berry juice with punk-sharp citrus

Blood Oranges – Lip-smacking burst of zest underpinned with musks, woods and smoky leather

Dandelion Fig – Fig and dandelion leaf blended with lemongrass, tomato vine and juniper

English Cherry Blossom –  Airy blossom with black cherries, fig and bergamot

Oud Alif – Oud spiked with chocolat noir, saffron and dark patchouli

Salt Caramel  – Tonka bean and sandalwood meld into sea salt

Tallulahs Camellia – Bluebells and white flowers nestle in blond woods



Vyrao High Five £79

If they’re seeking a more soulful connection to scent – beyond merely smelling lovely – this is the set for them! As they explain… ‘Each of Vyrao’s fragrances fuse master perfumery with energy healing elements using organic, natural ingredients chosen for their specific emotional qualities, giving each scent its own distinct vibration.’ No wonder they’ve been adored by beauty editors (including the one and only India Knight!)

Free 00: To feel alive and uninhibited is Free 00.

I am Verdant: A fragrance sprouting fresh green growth.

Witchy Woo: Wake up the powerful alliance of your courage and creativity.

Magnetic 70: For attraction and protection.

Georgette: For self-love.


Memoize London Dark Collection £57

An opportunity to discover the full collection from the Memoize London Dark Range Discovery Set with this stunning collection of 8 x 2ml eau de parfum samples, if they like to indulge nostalgia, tap into scent memories and have a poetic sprit that’s just yearning to be artfully scented – here is the set to treat them to. With a journey of emotionally-charged fragrances to explore, it’s one for theatrical types and artists to explore and adore:

Tristitia – The essence of calm, relaxation and pure leisure, reminiscent of of a lazy Sunday morning.

Avaritia – The essence of insatiability, opulence and unquenchable desire, dare to think you can have exactly what you want.

Era – The essence of passion, provocation and power, reigniting the fire within you.

Luxuria – The essence of lust, seduction and intoxication, where desire and passion consumes you.

Superbia – The essence of self-confidence, self-love and self-worth, an overwhelming feeling of pride, joy and delight.

Gula – The essence of pleasure-seeking and self-indulgence, unrestrained gratification for your appetites, desires, or whims.

Invidia – The essence of insatiable desire to want, to have, to be who you want to be, a subconscious journey through the memories from your childhood.

Black Avaritia – The essence of indulging all of your wants and needs in abundance, takes you back on a journey to a foreign land.

ARgENTUM Les Parfums Infinis Discovery Kit

Argentum Les Parfums Infinis £68

Spiritual, soul-searching and SO beautiful, together with BECOME, the beloved signature scent of the cult house;  they will be invited to discover the ARgENTUM ‘archetypes’ ~ CREATOR, SAGE, MAGICIAN, CAREGIVER, HERO, JESTER, INNOCENT, REBEL, EXPLORER, RULER, EVERYMAN & LOVER. “By embracing ourselves and the energies we attract, we can aspire to reach a beautiful balance ~ that place where opposites align and become one.”

Become: All encompassing, balancing, beginnings

Creator: Creative energy, trust, manifestation

Lover: Self-love, connection, balance

Jester: Sense of play, overcoming adversity, entertaining

Everyman: For attraction and protection.

Explorer: For self-love.

Caregiver: Soothing, nurturing, guiding

Sage: Wisdom, knowledge, awareness

Magician: Powerful balance, transformation, spirit

Hero: Self-sacrifice, strong-will, courage

Ruler: Balance, adaptability, vulnerability

Innocent: Child-like innocence, playful, trusting

Rebel: Letting go, completion, renewal


Something for yourself…? 


Goldfield & Banks £30

Utilising indigenous ingredients to produce utterly unique fragrances, take yourself rom beach to forest to outback on a magical journey via your nose! Beautifully crafted, these perfumes blend French expertise with Australian botanicals for a stunning scent discovery ‘down under’. Get ready to explore:

The Goldfield & Banks discovery set includes NINE x 2ml samples.

Wood Infusion – A luxe ambery scent surrounded by an elixir of rich woods, buttery roots and aromatic notes.

Bohemian Lime – Bohemian Lime mellows to reveal blissful grounding notes of vetiver, cedar wood and sandalwood.

Sunset Hour – A heavenly elixir of citrus and spicy delights await, giving way to a deliciously gourmand and sensuous floral heart.

Pacific Rock Moss – An aquatic and fresh perfume with a distinctive marine note. Cedar wood gives this perfume a sturdy base on which to reveal a fresh, sea spray scent that speaks of summer day.

Desert Rosewood – A rich, amber and woody fragrance that evokes thick, arid deep forests.

Southern Bloom – An immediately lavish, pure and sensational floral-woody fragrance, with a smooth, velvety sensation and glimpses of exquisite green notes combined with red coloured fruity notes.

White Sandalwood – White sandalwood and amber provide a comforting base, while saffron, pepper and thyme cast an exotic dry heat, tempered by a heart of sweet powdery Turkish rose.

Velvet Splendour – The first inhale is an immediate mix of green stems, yellow blooms, cool air and warm light. Bold, sensual and glamorous.

Blue Cypress – Blue Cypress provides a fragrant woody base, lifted by a fusion of invigorating lavender and exotic patchouli, clove and star anise.



Sana Jardin Discovery Set £30

Founder Amy Christiansen Si-Ahmed has created a stunning portfolio of perfumes that reflect her life-long love of fragrance and travel. As she told The Perfume Society: ‘The scents I’d encountered on my travels over the years were enchanting to me: the pure and golden shimmer of orange blossom, the mystical, enveloping depth of sandalwood, the seduction of jasmine blooming at night. I felt I could never find that captured anywhere on a department store shelf.’

Created by renowned perfumer Carlos Benaïm, Amy’s collection – Sana Jardin – offers that and more, with sustainability (currently a ‘buzzword’ in perfumery) at the heart of everything they do. We now invite you to delight your senses with ten very special fragrances in the line-up:

Savage Jasmine Night-blooming jasmine, wrapped around intoxicating musk. 

Sandalwood Temple Moroccan neroli oil, enveloped it in Atlas cedarwood, Haitian vetiver, creamy vanilla and East Indian sandalwood.

Tiger By Her Side Showcases Moroccan rose alongside Somalian incense and Indonesian patchouli.

Berber Blonde Filled with the light of Sana Jardin’s signature orange blossom, alongside Moroccan neroli oil and musk.

Celestial Patchouli Exotic aromas of patchouli, leather, cinnamon bark and Australian Sandalwood give way to the abundant warmth of rose, jasmine, osmanthus and Moroccan orris.

Nubian Musk A sensuously inviting blend of musk and vanilla, rose, jasmine, Moroccan grapefruit flower, Haitian vetiver and Australian sandalwood.

Revolution de la Fleur This is a sultry, sun-filled melody of Madagascan ylang ylang, Moroccan jasmine, frangipani, rose, vanilla and sandalwood.

Jaipur Chant Heady & Seductive Tuberose. Indian tuberose, the goddess of flowers, blooms in the still of night.

Incense Water Here rose is refined to a soft shimmer; an effect brought about with Moroccan May rose.

Vanilla Nomad A gourmand fragrance that coaxes out the sensual side of vanilla.


Maya Njie £34

This is a symbiotic exploration of art and fragrance that simply has to be experienced! Born in Västerås Sweden, with a West African heritage, and moving to London in her teens where she went in to study at the University of the Arts, Maya Njie experiments with smell along with colour and photography. The box also holds a booklet containing the 6 photos that inspired these scents.

A collection of 6 x 2ml samples

Nordic Cedar – inspired by a Swedish forest of cedars with earthy patchouli

Vanilj – comforting vanilla, spiced with cardamom and swirled in musk

Tobak – honeyed tobacco leaf, musks and leather, so addictive

Les Fleurs – bergamot, magnolia and fig, a celebration of life, love and creation

Tropica – tropical fruits layered with sandalwood and coconut for an idyllic escape

Voyeur Verde – verdant cypress trees entwined through leather seats of an abandoned car


Map of the Heart £35

Co-founders Sarah Blair and Jeffrey Darling created Map of the Heart – award-winning fragrances that come from a passion for telling stories and their understanding that scent can transport the wearer, just as words, images and films can whisk us to another world. It underpins everything they do: the desire to discover, as they put it, ‘what it is to live…’

See below for the divine fragrances you’ll discover in this beautiful Discovery Set. Which fragrance will pull on your heart strings, we wonder…?

Clear Heart v.1 – Australian summer: surfing, swimming, hot days, cool breezes and the salt that hangs in the air promising more.

Black Heart v.2 – Smoky. Impolite. Dangerous. It’s smoky heart of mysterious spices is shot through with shards of fresh eucalyptus and citrus to create an impolite mix of opposites.

Red Heart v.3 – Explosive. Seductive. Addictive. A composition of feijoa, tuberose and spices with sensual notes of musk and vanilla.

Gold Heart v.4 – Nurturing. Precious. Ancient. An exotic warm breeze that wraps around to protect and nurture.

Purple Heart v.5 – Brave. Instinctive. Triumphant. Inverying the olfactory pyramid by opening darker and then brightening

Pink Heart v.6 – Mingles on the skin with the spiciness of the sumac accord and cistus absolute for a mesmerising ride.

White Heart v.7 – The ethereal and sharp opening of French lavender, aldehyde and cardamom coolly invite us into the vast landscape of love.


Ostens Discovery Set £40

Inspired by the most exquisite quality raw ingredients – hitherto only available to fragrance houses not consumers – each fragrance was developed by a master perfumer (think Dominique Ropion and Sophie Labbé, yup!), given absolute creative freedom with no budget or brief. This refreshing approach to fragrance creation has left us in awe, and we cannot urge you highly enough to try for yourself this supreme collection!




Sarah Baker Extrait Collection £45

Founded as a fragrance house in 2015 by contemporary artist Sarah Baker, this brand has since taken on a life of its own, producing works of art that simultaneously stand their own ground in the grand traditions of the best perfumery. Presented in tactile, elegant packaging, it includes a specially designed booklet on our extraits de parfum. A great way to explore the collection or perfect for a memorable gift (perhaps to self?)

The Sarah Baker Extrait de Parfum Discovery Set includes 8 x 2ml, spray-top bottles; all of the unisex fragrances in the collection.

Atlante: A mermaid emerging from the sea. Real beach vibes.

Charade: Big white flower with a cutting edge of rustic leather. Sophisticated and contemporary.

Jungle Jezebel: Bombastic banana bootylicious beast. Love it or hate it? We love. Join us.

Gold Spot: A spotlight on film-stars who love their luxuries, indulging themselves in bed all day with broadsheets and butterscotch bonbons.

Greek Keys: A yacht ride in the Greek Islands. Fresh, Oceanic, Luxurious.

Tartan: After a long walk in the Highlands, enjoy your first sip of whiskey next to the fire in the library.

Leopard: Power fragrance that must be worn with shoulder pads. Not for children.

Loudo: Playful and sweet, yet nostalgic and serious. Deliciously woody.


Written by Suzy Nightingle

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